Getting Tsukihime to work on PSP.

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Getting Tsukihime to work on PSP.

Unread post by frash23 » September 20th, 2013, 12:21 pm


I recently tried to get Tsukihime (english) to work on my PSP.

I have a legal copy of the game myself.

I got my hands on a PSP version some time ago, but it seems like it was not the full version. It was buggy too.

My problems were:
When i pressed "R", it would start skipping messages automatically, and speed was increased dramatically. I found no way to disable this.
The game semi-crahses when walking home from school on the first day. The game and music still runs, but no graphics are displayed. Only text.
(Not sure if PSP's fault) I can't skip the intro.

First of all, i have tried working this out myself.
However, all the sites i found about making your full copy of the game running on the PSP were in Japanese, and the google translations where ridiculous.

In short, i need help getting Tsukihime to properly run on my PSP, with the english patch.

I have a PSP go (N-1000) if that makes a difference.

(Sorry if this is the wrong subforum, it is my first time here.)

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