Anything more about Canaan?

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Anything more about Canaan?

Unread post by gunblade » November 27th, 2012, 2:17 am

Just finished watching that anime yesterday, noticed the character designs seemed familiar and then saw Nasu and Type moon's name bandied about. Well that certainly piqued my interest further, so questions i have are:

Is it part of the Nasu-verse? I do know it was a sequel to some wii game called 428: (Japanese text).
And do we know if there is to be anymore? If not, has Nasu himself, whether in some article or short interview, made mention of Canaan and any future developments he'd like to have done etc.
It certainly feels that more stories could be told after that ending.

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Re: Anything more about Canaan?

Unread post by Kid-Wolf » November 27th, 2012, 5:30 pm

Actually 428 was a Wii game that was released only in Japan, and pretty much was biaeed off of it got animated in a way. Granted it has absolutly nothing to do wiht the rest of the Nasuverse, as far as I kno, but is a part of Type-Moon since they did the animation work for it.
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Re: Anything more about Canaan?

Unread post by ShirouXSaber » April 13th, 2013, 8:48 am

I'm actually really interested in Type-Moon (well the two guys who created Type-Moon).

My intro to Type-Moon was the anime Canaan. The next was FSN.

I liked the character Canaan, and naturally, I liked Saber too. I noticed they're basically the same character. I'm lined up to watch Tsukihme lunar legend next, and my guess is the main girl character in the picture is pretty much Saber/Canaan too.

Did anyone else notice this? Even looking at how they're drawn, they have some facial similarities, and the hairstyle is the same too. They all share similar personality traits and even personal histories: stoic, broken past, finding a meaningful relationship in the present, and there's that hidden power.

I often wonder if the two main founders of Type-Moon, when they started out... if their works all have a common foundation... a one-girl inspiration....

what's even more interesting :P what if that girl was someone they know irl!

It's really interesting to me - if that one same character in all of their books is based off of a high school romance they had or something like that. It's kind of romantic that they wrote all these works all inspired by one girl :).

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