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Your fav Tsukihime route vs fav F/SN route [spoilers]

Unread postPosted: October 27th, 2010, 12:06 pm
by DarkEyes
So, both games have been translated a while back now, im sure everyone on these forums had time to go through them atleast a few times, so topic: take your fav route from Tsuki and compare it to your fav route from F/SN, why is the other better?
Also, story comparisons only, no gameplay or voicing, etc.

I apologize if its been done alrdy ;p

Re: Your fav Tsukihime route vs fav F/SN route

Unread postPosted: March 31st, 2011, 8:25 pm
by mcfart
Here's my issue with Tsukihime:
Every route in Tsukihime went through the same motions. Every god damn route does the "OMG SHIKI'S ADOPTED AND MAKIHISA CHANGED HIS NAME"! I heard it during Arcuid's route, I don't need to hear it another 5 times, thanks. Fatestay was much better because they don't repeat plot points in every storyline. For example, it builds up. In Fate, you learn about Saber's shield being inside Shirou, and then during UBW, you see the whole "I am the bone of my sword...", then in HF, you see the reason why Archer said that, and that it's because he has Saber's shield in him.

Other examples is how you don't learn about Ilya or Sakura until that respective storyline. Whereas we knew almost everything about Ciel before doing her route (if did Arcuid's route already)

My favorite Tsukihime storyline was probebly Hisui's because of her True End, though Ciel's iis close, and my favorite Fate storyline was Archer, because they were so good about making you wonder who the hell he was after Saber's storyline. Something I didn't figure out until he had the same vial Shirou did, and that he used Projection.

Re: Your fav Tsukihime route vs fav F/SN route [spoilers]

Unread postPosted: April 1st, 2011, 6:15 pm
by Message
Thread spoiler-tagged.

mcfart, you're getting an official warning for posting spoilers in an unmarked thread.

Re: Your fav Tsukihime route vs fav F/SN route [spoilers]

Unread postPosted: September 14th, 2011, 11:44 pm
by goforit1
Hisui vs. UBW for me.

Always hated Ciel, never given a crap about her route anyway (from the moment I started Tsukihime she was my absolute least favorite character). I don't like Heaven's Feel at all either though (same thing with the main character of that route as Ciel), so that's even on that count.

Tsukihime has a better protagonist in general, dude isn't so whiny/save the world, so that makes any route more fun compared to F/SN.

I love the "hidden" aspect of the "Dark Side of the Moon" routes in Tsukihime so much, and less people have experienced them (due to UBW movie, etc). So my vote goes for all 3 Dark Side routes, but the one I mentioned above in particular.