Ryougi's multiple personality

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Ryougi's multiple personality

Unread postby deathknight » August 27th, 2009, 2:28 pm

Can Ryougi Shiki call out her third "Akasha Shiki" personality the same way she let her male Shiki take over? That is can she willingly let the True Shiki come out as easily and as frequently as the male Shiki did back when "he" took over Ryougi's body while going on dates with Mikiya? I know that other personality doesn't like to come out much but does it have the ability like male Shiki to do something like spend a whole day or so on a date with Kokuto?

And is that third Shiki in love with Mikiya? Since seeing the 2nd Rakkyo movie I always believe that Mikiya fell in love with the Akasha Shiki since she was the first personality he saw that day gazing at the snowing town at night. It would be interesting to know the feelings that "true" Shiki has and if she really doesn't feel anything than why spend time admiring the beauty of a snowfall or smiling at Kokuto when he greeted her at night? I think subconsiously Mikiya wants the third Shiki to come out more often and smile at him like that night.
PS. I also think the third Shiki resembles Ryougi's mother the closest out of all 3 personalities. Partly because they get so little screen time. :)
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Re: Ryougi's multiple personality

Unread postby Keeper of Gil's Vault » August 27th, 2009, 7:54 pm

You can just put a note of spoiler in the title to avoid the grief of Unlimited Spoiler Tag works.
"Akasha Shiki" is actually the real and original Shiki. The male and female Shikis are aware of each other, but neither of them are aware of the Akasha Shiki. Because of this, I personally think that the first two personalities would not be able to "pass the control" to Akasha Shiki, because they are not aware of this other personality. The Akasha Shiki kind of just emerge whenever she feels like it.

And yes, the Akasha Shiki does show a lot of affection towards Kokuto. She wants him to be happy.

I know, I am surprised too, Kokuto was able to make all the personalities of a Schizophrenic to like him.Now you know he is indeed the predecessor of Shiki Tohno.
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Re: Ryougi's multiple personality

Unread postby deathknight » August 27th, 2009, 11:44 pm

Sorry I forgot about that. I wish I could edit the title...

Wow I didn't know I hit it spot on when I thought that Akasha Shiki resembled her mother so much! I must have mystic eyes! :)
If Akasha is the "real and original Shiki" than why is it she only takes command 1% of the time while giving female Shiki 90% of the time in control and male Shiki the remaining 9%?? I would think the dominant personality is the genuine one while the "fake" personas of male and female Shiki should be the more recessive ones that only come out occasionally not be the main character. Also if Akasha Shiki is the ultimate combat killing machine with the Ultimate Eyes of Death of Existence than what was the point of manufacturing the weaker female Shiki? I thought the Ryougi clan only created two personalities and the Akasha Shiki should be the female counterpart to the male Shiki. Its pretty funny how in the 2nd movie the "normal" female Shiki got her ass owned by daddy in a swordfight but the Akasha Shiki had sword skills that even Assassin couldn't beat because of her specialty in instantly developing proficiency with any blade she touches (she could give Archer Emiya a run for his money).

Does Kokuto even know of the third Shiki's existence? Actually does anyone know of that Akasha Shiki besides the now dead Araya? She is my favorite character and I wish they put more info on her and develop her more. She seems more interesting and beautiful than the "regular" female Shiki. Even Mana didn't know of her existence but I wish they could at least hint that Kokuto was doing the loving with Akasha Shiki to conceive her.

they really made some beautiful screens of Akasha Shiki in Ryougi's Last Arc but is there someplace they list all the quotes True Shiki says in her Last Arc? I'm trying to collect them but its hard to hear over the music. Its pretty funny when you see the dialogue between Tohno Shiki and Ryougi calling him "Ero-Otoko" and later when Tohno harem Arcuied brings out her breasts-I mean her full power in revenge. What would the Akasha Shiki think of Nanaya Shiki or Tohno Shiki? Would she fall in love with either of them? I would LOVE to see a Nanaya-Akasha Shiki pairing that would be so romantic! Do you think that could happen in Tsukihime?

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Re: Ryougi's multiple personality

Unread postby Arkane » September 3rd, 2009, 12:45 pm

There's a difference. Akasha, the origin of all things, is the original personality housed in the body (rather than Shiki (female) and Shiki (male) which are personalities housed in the mind).

"Usually, a life begins connected to the Origin until the connection is severed at birth, and even if somehow a life remained unsevered, the body's personality itself should not become self-aware, but the Ryougi family's special trait allowed it to survive and survive with intelligence. Because she has no interest in anything however, she usually remains dormant within Shiki."

Her sword skills was selfsuggestion which enforces her physical and mental abilities. It was Ryougi's usual personality wielding it, not Akasha.

See, if Akasha were to use her powers, she could recreate reality to her whim.

"Spiral of origin, its where all cause and effect begin, where everything and nothing exist, that is my true identity. Even though we are just connected, but since I am part of it, I too am an equivocal existence, right? That is why I can do anything..hmm like restructuring the laws governing atomic matter, or go back in time to change the evolution and development of all life, to reconstruct the orders and laws of this world is easy for me too. Not making change to the existing world, but rather annihilate the old one with a new reality."

By the way, it's called the 3rd personality.
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