August Issues

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August Issues

Unread post by Akeashar » July 15th, 2009, 1:59 am

Since this is somewhat of a MB/Tsukihime thing I thought I'd post it in the General Type-Moon forums but feel free to move it~!

I haven't seen any threads on this topic so here goes:

The August issues of Dengeki Hime, Dengeki Daioh and Dengeki G's Magazine will each have a different Type-Moon character figure. Writing this at work so I don't have my July issues in front of me, but the three figures are (going from the visuals):

Arceuid in her 'Princess' form

I'm pretty sure Len is what comes with the August Dengeki Hime, not sure which is which with the other two.

Amused since I realised its been 12 months since Dengeki Hime had its special Type-Moon issue with the info of Tsukihime remake and the other two.

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