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eBay Fake Report Thread: Games, Figurines, etc.

Posted: June 18th, 2009, 1:01 pm
by AlinSabel
Is there a seller on eBay claiming they're selling a genuine INSERT COMPANY HERE TYPE MOON product?

We've had megaworrier who was selling bootlegs of KT, MB and Tsuki, who we - with our combined efforts - managed to run off eBay.

So it's probably time to start reporting items we know are definitely fakes. :/
If you've got time, please report items that are still listed. :(

I'll start off with a link: ... 0435945885
Claims to be: set of 6 Good Smile Trading Figurines
What they really look like:
What this guy is selling (see the description for the other links):

Ilya certainly looks a bit demented now, eh?