A question (possible spoilers)

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A question (possible spoilers)

Unread postby Mamgusic » November 14th, 2008, 10:17 pm

Hello first time poster long time reader!

Recently I got into a conversation about the different abilities that appear in the nanuverse. My conversation had to do with the difference between the demon hunters and a magus. I had always thought that the demon hunters were four families each with their own pshyic powers, and a magus was a person who used magecraft through the use of magic circuits. However my opponent in this conversation stated that pshyic powers are just another name for magic circuits.

Basically my question is what is the difference magic circuits and pshyic powers, or is it really just the same thing with two different names.
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Unread postby gexer64 » November 15th, 2008, 2:54 am

[spoil] Think of a psychic as a mutation. It uses parts of the brain that aren't normally used. It usually only lasts a generation. However the demon hunter families have found ways around this (incest).

Magic circuits are not my forte so we shall use the fuyuki wiki:

The pseudo-nerves within a magus' body. What produces one's own Prana and the pipeline that moves the system or to be more precise, the pathways to convert life energy into Prana, the pathways that take in and convert Mana into something usable, and the pathways that connect to the high thaumaturgy formula (program) systems. What connects the ethereal body to the material plane. What magi are ultimately using is Od, converted life-force and Mana. It's not really correct to say that Mana's being used to cast spells. When Mana itself is being drawn upon, it follows the rules laid out by Formalcraft which doesn't seem to operate by the generation rules of circuits.

The number of these are determined at birth. Lineages do what they can to tamper with their blood in order to birth a heir with even just one more circuit. Once opened, these can be turned on and off at one's will. Lineages and magi do not try to increase the circuits of a heir after birth.

Transplanting circuits is possible, but carries the same risk of transplanting a foreign organ. Circuits don't multiply or decline in number. Sure you can transplant them, but it'd be the same as putting in an extra kidney.

The image of the switch differs from practitioner to practitioner. Shirou's image involves a firing hammer, while Rin's is that of a heart being stabbed by a knife. This is related to the very first time the circuits are opened. There are those that open when sexually excited, those that only open when the user inflicts damage on himself, etc.

As the operation of the power source that circuits are necessitates organic activity, it is a common error to think that circuits need the magus' body to operate. There are rare occasions, however, that should the practitioner cease vital operations, the circuits themselves operate independently. To completely ensure that the circuits are completely halted, the brain must be destroyed.

The reason why Od is recovered after being completely used is because the circuits are operating. On the other hand, without circuits, Od can no longer be generated. A magus that pushes his limits by using power beyond him runs the risk of destroying his circuits.

Circuits are stretched throughout the body like nerves and are broken up into core points and bypasses that connect these points. The bypasses that link the cores are like the synapses of the brain and as such if cut or connected hastily, the core will not change. Strictly speaking, this core itself is the circuit. Also, the actual location of circuits is found in the soul rather than in the physical body. On the other hand, the body's ability to actually express these is pretty important, apparently.

Circuits also have properties that reject external Prana. For example, any sort of spell that is used to control the target will be rejected by the circuits (but not always with success).

As the physical body rejects the use of circuits, when active, there will be a certain degree of pain or uncomfortableness. Furthermore, filling the circuits with Prana will wipe out physical sensations. Therefore, filling them has the same meaning as destroying oneself.....according to Tsukihime Lab. Which would make sense as to why Rin's body wasn't able to handle the stress of absorbing 1000 bits of Prana at once. The human physical body wasn't meant to use circuits.
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Unread postby Tash » December 16th, 2008, 8:09 pm

Could someone repeat without the in-depth pseudo-science?
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Unread postby Kid-Wolf » December 16th, 2008, 9:37 pm

I guess the sort version for the magus side of things that magic circuits are basically the way they can use thier magecraft. In any case for a Magus they tend to use a thing known as a Magus Seal/Crest so they can instantly use magic that the maugs' family is involved with. Although only one child can get it's full ability while the others are ignorant about it.

As for the demon hunters part the only thing that comes to mind is the incestious bit and that's about it for most of the families. As for Ryougi Shiki and Tohno Shiki's abilities they were brought into existance by a near death moment. As for Asagami Fujino it might be the incestious thing since she's the only one that was born with her powers.

Now for the Tohno familiy, they kind of had a demonic bloodline to begin with. So if you think of it that way it might shed some light onto the demon hunter faimly in another way as well.

Although this is my speculation on this so I'm not sure if tis info would be considered right or not.
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Unread postby Keeper of Gil's Vault » December 17th, 2008, 5:15 am

I am not too savvy about Tsukihime side of the Nasuverse, but from what I've read, gexer is correct. The traits of the Demon Hunters are mostly caused by genetics and must be preserved through inbreeding. They are genetic mutations that grant the users abilities sometimes even surpass sorcery. Shiki's eyes are a great example. Mystic eyes can be achieved by magi by charging their eyes like circuits, but Shiki's mystic eyes are natural. Instead of just transmit visual signals to the brain, they also transmit the death of the object. Furthermore, unlike spells or magi's version of mystic eyes, Shiki's do NOT require mana. Bloodline abilities are definitely not related to circuits or crests.
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