FS hidden secret summary and some game tips *SPOILER*

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FS hidden secret summary and some game tips *SPOILER*

Unread post by ChocoBun » November 9th, 2010, 9:25 pm

If you haven’t clear the game yet then I suggest you not to read the spoil content.

I have clear the game twice now, and the second time I tried to find all secret. The result is:
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Use magic/combat spells to gain EXP *Higher level spells gives more EXP*.
Use items to gain EXP *All items gives same amount of EXP, so buy the cheap ones*.
Killing higher level monster gives more EXP.
Killing lower level monster give less EXP.
If you are near to level up with a character at the end of a battle, give him/her items to level up before finish the fight to make use of the EXP in the end.
Travel between city/road/mountains to chance to occur random battles, random battles does not give EXP at the end of the round *Best place for leveling is Mountain pass 3 and Silvaridae forest (short distance to the monster)*
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Farm random battles to gain extra money.
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If you can’t afford equipment to every character then focus most on upgrade character with physical damage and DEF for the magic user.
Choose gear with ATK, DEF, SPD, MOVE and Magical damage, the other attributes (STR,INT,DEX,CON,LUK,EPB,DODGE) doesn’t seem to do much. Some attributes only shows in description of the item not in status board.
Extra items can be found in places like inn, pub, and houses. So I suggest you to go check out these kind of places every event or chapter, some items are really useful.
Some character moves very short so make sure to give them items with some MOVE (4 is ok – 5 is good – 6 is enough).

Spells like Wilos (Speed increase), Barius (DEF increase) and Elios (ATK increase) is very good it gives huge boost.
You can click on any monster to view their movement range.
If necessary you can always change/equip gear for a certain action.
Always take with you essence stone/potions/party potions and resurrect items, believe me is very useful. And don’t forget a character can use items on other characters.
Some enemy have very dangerous spells, so if you don’t want them to cast, use Wilus on them or more easy walk near them and they will come in close combat.
Use Labi pocket to steal items especially on bosses to gain useful items.
*cough* your do more damage to a enemy from the side and back and vice versa.

Hold shift to fast forward dialogues.
Right click on world map to open menu for saving.

Please correct me and add some stuff if I have miss something.

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