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Unread postPosted: September 20th, 2007, 7:22 am
by flurk
mir wrote:So in summary, SCII would have:

-storymode single player
-the same 3 races
-few new units and abilities
-graphic upgrade over the previous 1998 standard
-map editor

so in 10 years they came up with
-probably a few new features to battle net and map editor
-few new units and abilities. Looks like they renamed the dragoons and dark templars. Protoss overlord...
-new engine (lol)
-new story (which better be a great work of fiction if they want me to pay for a storyline. I'm talking Dune quality here).

And that's it? Forgive me for not being terribly excited.

i agree ._. used to love playing starcraft competitively against my friends back in early high school..
after looking at all the previews so far, i'm not interested.