The Problem with Type Moon Forums

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The Problem with Type Moon Forums

Unread post by PacifistGod » March 22nd, 2007, 5:07 am

This is my take on it atleast.

I personally like to talk about things I that I?m interested in. I like Tsukihime, and I'll probably like Fate/Stay Night. But I don't think that they do well as forum topics. The problem is that these are Visual Novels, and very good ones at that.
Every time I go to forum and read a topic on FSN, I kind of cringe. I know that it's dangerous. See, the spoilers scare me.
For example, I was a good way through Tsukihime and I wanted to read people's takes on what was happening in Ciel's route. But by coming into the forums, I inadvertently stumbled across a major Kohaku spoiler. I'm talking about the big one, the one that would have blown me away. But instead of the climatic revelation and build up that the game would have presented me, I learned about it in a single sentence. With typos.
That was a disappointment. So I stopped reading the forums until I was done with the game. I took me months to finish, and by that time the forums had died down. The initial excitement was gone. I had played the game excessively because I felt that I had to finish it if I wanted to discuss it. Bad idea. By the time I was done, I had grown a little tired of Type Moon.
Now the same thing is happening with FSN. This is more the fault of me lurking Beast's Lair after Tsukihime, but I think it has made me less willing to post here. Reading around on the "other visual novel" has lead to me finding out who four of the servants are. Not in the sense of "Saber" or "Lancer" but in the sense of which heroes they are. Again, knowing this without even getting to know the characters first feels like it is robbing me of some of the experience. I also think I know what happens to Archer.

So this really explains two things. I want the game to come out because I keep learning more about it. This is mainly due to stuff like 4chan and Beast's Lair. The sooner it comes out the sooner I can play it and start ignoring the forums. But, see, that?s the problem. I don't want to discuss the game before hand, I don't want to talk about it while I play it, and by the time I have completed the massive novel everything has died down.

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Unread post by miszou » March 22nd, 2007, 6:21 am

well, it is usually the case that discussing a game go with spoilers, and visual novel games are indeed spoiler sensitive (like how I seen a lot of anime before playing the game, spoiling the game a little :( )

As long as the fora use good topic markers, I see no problem, since you can just read about the topics that are not about the game. Ok now and then people spoil outside the topics, but on this forum a the biggest spoilers are only in a topic for people who finished the game, going in there is your own responsibility. Since this forum keeps good track of mayor spoilers, I don't think you can have read a bout the kohaku spoiler here else where (correct me if I'm wrong). You could have started a thread for Ciel only maybe (if the mods are ok with a spoiler thread for every different arc).

I still think you can discuss after a while, when you launch some good topics, people will still react, and you are not the only one finishing the game after a while, so enough people who really like to discuss the games still.

I see your point, but it is none different then any forum discussing movies, you don't go reading movie discussions before seeing the movie :] It is offcourse never fun if the disussion died when you actually like to discuss it, but I think you can always heat up the discussion, like I said there are always new players how go to search these fora when they are done, also people tend to love to rediscuss of the favorite game I think :]

Anyway, I think fora for visual novel games can exist perfectly, although the moderators should be careful looking for spoilers in topics that are not meant to use spoilers. I still think they do a good job on this board ^^ (thumbs up). Btw if you still look for discussion on the game, feel free to start some, at least I will join :] (I don't get tired of discussing this game I think) and I think enough others too :]
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