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Unread post by miszou » February 14th, 2007, 5:46 am

Just to post something, for the 24 hour rule for now :]

I've always liked the idea of tsukihime, but could never play the games, as my Japanese is still pretty bad. But since a week noticed the translation patches :D really awesome ^^. Coincidentally, I'm on an internship in Japan right now, so I just popped by a gamestore to get me a tsuki-bako ^^ a second handed one, they had a new version (never used before) too, but since I definitely going to play the game, it is no use paying 3 times as much for a new version, better leave it for the collectors :]

If i regained some more money, I'm gonna try buying the rest of the type moon games :]

tnx a million for translating and patching things ^^

(ohw, I still can't play the game right now, since I only brought a mac to japan ;_; maybe I can take the windows laptop home from work ^^;;)

EDIT: today I also bought, MB, MBR KnK1 en 2 ^^ god I love being in japan for once :] Don't think I'll keep money for fate this way ><

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