hi i'm ur 300th user. and, um... thanks *blush*

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hi i'm ur 300th user. and, um... thanks *blush*

Unread post by nekosasu » December 2nd, 2006, 5:33 pm

Well hi all :D

It's been over two weeks i started playing Tsukihime, and a few minutes ago (I might say hours though... I lost track of time) I completed the game. 2 years ago when I watched the anime, I thought, "Damn." Now, after finally being able to play the game without guessing what the characters are saying, I somehow got the same feeling back, but... instead of one single word, it's a myriad of words and emotions clashing altogether in my head. I cannot describe it, it's a feeling and a presence beyond happiness and sadness, it's... Hisui??? What?? o_o

Ah. I was dreaming off again. Damn you Nasu for making me fall deeply in love with a fictional character D: But then again thank you for clearing up my boring and ridiculous daily routine. Now to find a girlfriend... *looks around to find a Hisui-like type of girl ;_;*

I cannot thank you guys from Mirror Moon enough for the blessing (and the bad grades at school) you have brought down upon me. I thought I had to wait until I had learned how to read the Kanji to even start playing such a game - It's funny, I know Japanese to a certain extent (I also am a tl for some fansubbing group) but I barely can read it. Geez... I want japanese lessons ;_;

Anyway, your accurate and (mostly) flawless translation made it possible for all the feelings to come through. IMHO, your work is better than many other commercial/faggotrized game translations. Add this to a slight touch of humour, and we get Tsukihime. Awesome.

Honestly, thank you very very much. Looking forward to your next translation!


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