TYPE-MOON goods sale - Event releases/Doujinshi - rarities!

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TYPE-MOON goods sale - Event releases/Doujinshi - rarities!

Unread post by littleharlock » August 8th, 2011, 12:33 pm

Due to a planned move I have to sell my entire collection, which I enriched over the years of collecting but it can't be helped. So, as I also been quite interested in TYPE-MOON works, there are quite a few stuff I thought people here would be interested.

In case of interest, please drop be inquiries via mail p[dot]leitner@ziv-leitner.at

TYPE-MOON Event (Comiket) stuff:
Fate/Zero Vol. 1-4 (partwise still sealed)
Character material (Comiket70 release)
ALL OVER/Zero (Comiket73 release)
ALL AROUND TYPE-MOON Ahnenerbe no Ichi Nichi Drama CD (Comike72 release)
Return to Zero - Fate/Zero Original Image Soundtrack

simoshi Doujinshi (TYPE-MOON staff colorist):
Einfarbig (Doujinshi)
El Retrato (Doujin CG-collection CD-ROM)

TYPE-MOON commercial release Artbooks/Software:
Tsukihime Dokuhon Plus Period
Fate/hollow ataraxia Firstpress release with accompanying goods
Fate/stay night Firstpress release with accompanying goods

I also have lots of TYPE-MOON themed Doujinshi by various / popular artists such as Rei Hiroe (Circle TEX-MEX, the Black Lagoon creator), Motoyone (KEROQ/MAKURA founding member), TONY (Circle T2 ART WORKS), PEACH-PIT (Tsukihime themed Doujinshi they released back in their Doujinshi days), etc.

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