Recruitment: visual novel making people needed!

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Recruitment: visual novel making people needed!

Unread post by NonExistence » August 10th, 2009, 1:49 am

Well, doesn't the subject just say it all.

I am currently trying to gather a visual novel team to help me make... well... a visual novel. (GASP!!! What a shock!!!) The storyline involves a protagonist, four girls, and their connections to his past. There is secret research, genetically engineered diseases, and people going insane.

Right now the positions open are: composer, background artist, and if possible, an executive programmer. As time goes by we might open up new positions, depending on our situation.

For more details regarding the visual novel, please either visit our dev blog at or our website at Any help is greatly appreciated and desperately needed.

EDIT: I probably won't need to say this, but please don't PM me if you're interested - write an email to the recruitment mailbox instead. This way I can avoid forgetting to check my forum mailbox and then inadvertently piss you off because I don't respond to your PM.

EDIT EDIT: Please note, our website is still in a beta state, so if it's ugly as all hell, I take the blame for that. (Because I have no website design creativity in the slightest.)

EDIT EDIT EDIT (damn, I've gotta remember to say everything I want to): We are currently planning on using Kirikiri 2 Ren'Py as our game engine, but even if you have never used it before, if you know of a game engine that works just as well (and is hopefully easy to pick up) please feel free to suggest it when you apply.
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