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Unread post by Mkilbride » February 20th, 2009, 6:35 am

I usually don't get colds, despite taking sub-par condition of myself. So I was shocked today when I had lots of fuids and still had cotton mouth. I noticed I had a slight fever too. I passed it off.(We were all out of cold Medicine, the good kind, that is)

So late last night, for some reason, I feel loosing power in my legs. So after awhile it gets worse. So I decided the best idea was head to sleep earlier, close my window, and turn off my fan so the room would get really hot. Later, I read, that this only worsens the situation(I just woke up and felt like a car hit me), and I could barely walk downstairs, I almost tripped. Man, these bastards are annoying, I haven't had one for years...infact, I haven't been sick for years really. So I took some of the bad cold medicine and am now drinking large quantities of milk, while keeping myself mildly cool.

The worst part if feeling like my limbs are falling off, and the fact I can hear my heartbeat without really trying too...ugh.

Basically, colds suck. I hope this one goes away soon, I can't sleep anymore.

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