Hey just some stuff I want to know

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Hey just some stuff I want to know

Unread post by Iamphil__hi » December 7th, 2008, 5:38 am

Hey wassup ppl
Ok umm
i've Played Boot Fighter and ESF
And alot of MMO's
And no disrespect to any of those games
They fuckin rock (excused the language)

But they can all use improvement
More attacks for example
Attack Formations
And so on and so forth.
I will go Into detail when i need to lol

But anyway
What i want to know Is do I have to learn C++ coding to make a game Like Boot-Fighter.
If so I will promise to do my Very Best To Make it Better.
More Modes 9god knows we need more)
Much much much More mechs.
more Pilots with Voices.
And many More stages with about an average 3000Mile space (we need more room)
Also Space Will be availible.
Wow i know it seems like I'm just going on and on But thats just me
i have alot of ideas for everything
And i welcome ppl to share them with me
And if U know how to Make a Game Umay be able to help me and we can do this together.
Oh and Yes if i do make a Bootfighter there will be a story line for Every Pilot.
So once again.
If U know how to make a game Inform me if theres A C++ coding invloved.
I would love to make games for free.
The only game i would most likely make P2P would be a really advanced one.
Probably one better then Dragon Ball online.

Wow this is a real long topic lmao
Well again
If C++ coding is invloved.
let me know
I'll try to do my Best.
and then if i can even get a lil father then Bootfighter i will post a download for game

well thanx for reading if U actually read the whole thing -_-
And i know theres some ppl out there that want to say " what a fckin Noob"
just one thing to say to ya'll

Go fck yourself and die of sars u ugly peices of shit

(Pardon language)

Well bye


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Unread post by xthr » December 7th, 2008, 6:00 am

Uh well if the games were opensource/moddable, then yes, you could learn C++ to "improve" those games. However, if the source codes are not available and most of the game is hardcoded, then there is pretty much nothing you can do (well you _COULD_ learn how to disassemble and reengineer all the parts of the program and recompile... but that would take more effort than making a new game yourself...)

and PS.
Protip for posting on forums: Don't preemptively insult other people. As far as I know, most of the peeps on this forum are pretty nice and willing to help. However, if you tell the general public to "fucking go die," I promise, they'll think a lot less of you. Even if you apologize right after, the damage is done. It's sort of like first punching some guy in the face, then driving them to the hospital. Save the flaming for when someone actually talks trash to you, or you wont make many friends.

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Unread post by NonExistence » December 7th, 2008, 9:52 pm

... what xthr said.

even if it was open source, modding's an absolute bitch. especially when it comes down to more modes, more chars, etc. etc. those are probably the hardest things to mod, because they require complete reprogramming in order to do. in your case, i suggest making your own, since it sounds almost as if you're dissatisfied about half the game...
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Unread post by Iamphil__hi » December 7th, 2008, 10:20 pm

yeah i figured as much
and sorry for the flaming
I just wasnt in a good mood that day
but anyway reprograming just sounds hard but I'm up for anything to be honest with u
I'm lookin at C++ tutorials and guide
and I must say
God damn this is hard.
And i'm not dis satisfied with the game
I love it
I'm playing it right now with a friend
I just think it can use more mechs and Stages
With a better combat system.
Not trying to insult the game
I was happy as hell when i found it

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Unread post by xthr » December 7th, 2008, 10:40 pm

Reprogramming the whole thing will take a hella lot of time, especially if you have to learn programming from scratch. I'm not really sure I'd recommend doing it, unless you have a LOT of dedication.

Learning C from scratch is... while not the most difficult thing in the world... still very time consuming, especially if you want to write good programs (i.e. non memory-leaky, buggy, slow programs. ugh memory leaks :< I still have nightmares.) Also, if you want to program a 3d game, you most likely want a good background in trigonometry and multi-variable calculus. And linear algebra + differential equations if you actually want to mod the engine yourself, to include additional things.
In addition to programming, you'd have to learn 3d modeling and animation, something else that takes a while on its own.

If you just want to get the basics done, you can try a game maker environment. Don't be fooled by the "no programming experience necessary." They all take some time to learn as well if you want to make anything half decent. Try searching up gamemaker or 3d game maker on google. I'm not too experienced with them, but I've heard that they can be decent if you put forth some effort.

If I sound like I'm discouraging you, I... probably am :P. I'd recommend going through some more school before attempting, or you might find yourself wasting a lot of time. However, if you have the drive, go for it. You'll might learn a whole lot, get what you want done, and have the rights to come back here and go HA! I WIN!, at which point I'll genuflect (and get a bad end).

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Unread post by Iamphil__hi » December 7th, 2008, 10:59 pm

dont worry
u havent discouraged me at all
but the whole thing u said about the 3D programing thing
I understand what ur talkin about and where your coming from.
And yes it does sound hard but i'm not planning on makin this game now
I'm only 16 for petes sake.
I was just asking ppl if they knew C++ coding because after i finish college for ALL of this! I'm planning on making my own company for MMO's, freeware, Security programs and so and forth.
i just want to keep in touch with these ppl so later on if they have an interest I can contact them for help on w/e project i'm working on
Of course they will be paid.
And have special in game items and features and all that sorts of crap

And if it takes another 4 years of college to learn all this
So be it
I have more then enough drive and motivation.
I just need all the information and a team
Plus about 500 Computers with 500GB Hard drives lol

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Unread post by drizzt_rocks » December 8th, 2008, 2:01 am

LOL I thought were writing out a song or a poem with the way u type out text XD

Anyways carry on with the discussion here ...
And the cutest anime character award goes to ... PINO

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