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Re: What games are you playing & recommendations

Posted: January 23rd, 2010, 4:48 am
by Atriel
Information regarding StarCraft II Beta (a.k.a. the biggest cocktease in videogaming): ... ydaris.jpg

In other news, I was scammed by a PS3 games seller. I'm completely guilty of this stupidity and shall repent accordingly.

Remember kids, make sure that the seller has good enough reputation and the people that gave him/her reputation points are not new/alternate accounts. The later is the important part.

May your Cocoa Puffs stay puffed and the milk that moistens them stay fresh forever.

Re: What games are you playing & recommendations

Posted: January 23rd, 2010, 2:52 pm
by Chaos Chaud
Playing Dinasty Warriors 5: Empire!

Re: What games are you playing & recommendations

Posted: January 23rd, 2010, 9:20 pm
by abscess
Flood the Chamber
This game is fucking enraging. So much so that you'll start laughing at yourself for being such a pussy for not being able to beat this goddamn 2D game which consists of solely one screen full of traps that you must beat with a minute green blotch of pixels resemlbing a human figure while water begins to flood the screen (hence the name).
After you're done scaring those around you with your manic cackling you'll begin swearing at the game and the cursed soul that shat it. Then the tears of despair come, making it much harder to beat because you can't see what direction the green blotch is getting pwned from.
Suffice to say, I've admitted defeat... Thank you D-toid, for being such a bastard and giving this link so everyone can feel the pain: ... mber/1419/
You can cry because of it for free!
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Re: What games are you playing & recommendations

Posted: January 24th, 2010, 11:34 pm
by antidestruct
I just finished my 3rd time through Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on the PS2, which is a lot better than the Wii version. I was also in the middle of replaying Final Fantasy X, which I haven't played since it first came out years ago.

Re: What games are you playing & recommendations

Posted: February 4th, 2010, 7:41 am
by Maes
I finished playing Mass Effect about a week ago, excellent game. I regret not getting it when it first came out, but getting it for $5 last month was an absolute steal.

I also just finished Mass Effect 2 about an hour ago. I've got to hand it to Bioware, they really outdid themselves with the story of the ME universe and it's going to be torture waiting for the final installment of the series. Ridiculously good game if you're into the style.

Re: What games are you playing & recommendations

Posted: February 5th, 2010, 6:36 am
by nanaya_shinya
I've been playing Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 for a while now...

Just got an XS rank on operations X1 to X4...
Will attempt X5 later.

Re: What games are you playing & recommendations

Posted: February 6th, 2010, 12:47 am
by Raven
bought I finished Mass Effect 2. Happy to say the second game is much better than the first game.

Re: What games are you playing & recommendations

Posted: February 7th, 2010, 5:16 am
by nanaya_shinya
Still playing Trauma Center: UtK2 (Japanese version)

Just got an XS rank on X5:Bythos, and now I'm stuck in X6:Sige... black screen after the operation.

I am NOT going to do X6 using the emulator like what I did for 7-4, I can't even get an S rank on 7-4 normal. >_>

Re: What games are you playing & recommendations

Posted: February 18th, 2010, 12:24 am
by Atriel
StraCraft II Beta started and I hate the world because I can't play it until it's released :(.

By the way, anyone knows if it's easy to just play Windows games in Ubuntu 9.10? StarCraft II is a day 1 purchase for me, but it's only for Mac and Windows. I really don't feel like fucking around with Windows and no way I'll buy a Mac. If there's no way around it, I'll just emulate Windows I guess... but I hope it's not needed.

For the moment, I'll just get Alien vs Predator for my 360. It was a hard decision between AvP and MAG, but I just needed some sort of new experience. And I'll get MAG later anyway.

Re: What games are you playing & recommendations

Posted: February 20th, 2010, 9:13 pm
by abscess
Mass Effect 2:
It.... was AWESOME... And this is another reason why I love Mordin (minor spoilers, beware) And the best thing is that
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Re-playing Mass Effect 2, this time with my shotgun-wielding lesbian capable of imploding people with space-wizards (the other one was a manshep infiltrator).
By the way, if there's anyone interested in physics here who played ME2, and was a little estranged (or not entirely satisfied) about the quantum entanglement that is mentioned by EDI as a means of communication between Shepard and another character, this is a youtube vid just for you :)
Which is part of this awesome series! ... 1B8B27EB67

Re: What games are you playing & recommendations

Posted: March 6th, 2010, 5:26 pm
by Atriel
Going through God of War Collection. I'm near the end of GoW1, and it was fun a for a while but then it just feels... I dunno, kinda boring and repetitive. The combat isn't deep enough to keep me hooked, in fact I feel it lacks a lot. However, the story is interesting. Way more than any other hack 'n slash I have played anyway.

Also, I have been seeing some pics of Shadow of the Colossus. Yes, I have not played that game. In fact I've missed like 99.9% games from the PS2 since I don't have one and my PS3 is the slim model which means no backwards compatibility. I... I want that game D: It look's so epic, with your tiny self owning some colossus' ass.

Man, what a shitty week this has been. And the forums are dead, apparently.

Re: What games are you playing & recommendations

Posted: March 16th, 2010, 11:01 pm
by abscess
It hurts a bit to see this forum slow down this much. Let's see if this piques somebody's interest anyway:

Digital: A Love Story

A retro cyberpunk story set "five minutes into the future of 1988" that falls into the genre of mystery and romance. It uses the archetypical character of the silent protagonist but gives him/her enough characterization to make it likable and, with no actual dialogue between characters (everything is played via message boards, in other words, the protagonist never leaves his/her seat... ever), the author made quite a compelling storyline with what seem to be a lot of constrictions.

You take the role of someone who has been just given his/her new computer with a modem that runs with the Amie Workbench and, like every other person with a net connection, you have to go into some forums and get into discussions about inane subjects. In one of these "diatribes" you meet someone who wrote her first poem and wishes for people to give critique about it. These leads to events that make the protagonist embark in a "fearsome" quest to unravel the truth behind meysteryous disappearings, and where else to do that than.... other forums!

I'm not that knowledgable of Ren'Py games (I guess it's made with it), but this one is quite engaging since the start, even if set in a straightforward path you can never leave. The music is all 8-bit chiptunes, which may be jarring to some people, but it goes with the pixelated presentation of the whole game, in my view. The thing with the story is, once you are set into it, it isn't hard to guess what will happen next all along until the ending; but with that said, it still is quite a fun way to waste a few hours fo your day.

You can download it here:

Re: What games are you playing & recommendations

Posted: March 17th, 2010, 1:28 am
by Raven
Got FFXIII last week, beat it over the weekend. Think it's pretty bad. Trade it away today, put money on Sakura Taisen 5. Now waiting.

Re: What games are you playing & recommendations

Posted: March 17th, 2010, 2:27 am
by Atriel
abscess wrote:It hurts a bit to see this forum slow down this much. Let's see if this piques somebody's interest anyway:
I know =(
abscess wrote:Digital: A Love Story
I'll get it, but don't know when I'll be able to go through it. Damn school. And then I just ordered Bad Company 2 to hop into multiplayer with a friend. Thanks for the recommendation anyway, I hope that I can check it out when I'm free from school.

Raven wrote:Got FFXIII last week, beat it over the weekend. Think it's pretty bad.
Really? I heard it was... different, but good. I'll get it anyway but not for a long time. No more moneyz, and I need to save for a mac mini.

Re: What games are you playing & recommendations

Posted: March 17th, 2010, 4:57 am
by abscess
Atriel wrote:I'll get [Digital], but don't know when I'll be able to go through it.
It's a short game, but it did take away most of my afternoon for a day (I'm a really slow reader, though). The story itself isn't groundbreaking in any way, but I think the way it's told is the most interesting part.
Raven wrote:Got FFXIII last week, beat it over the weekend. Think it's pretty bad.
Hmmmmm............. I'll just watch it on YouTube....

Re: What games are you playing & recommendations

Posted: March 17th, 2010, 5:13 am
by Raven
Atriel wrote:
abscess wrote:It hurts a bit to see this forum slow down this much. Let's see if this piques somebody's interest anyway:
I know =(
It usually happens whenever the forum goes on a fritz. We normally don't get THAT much traffic, so even there is pause it slows down even more. Don't worry, by the time they release Fate/Stay Night 3 or Tsukihime 2 things would be back up to speed.

This is the full review I wrote for it on another site. Spoiler Free. But Wall of Text Warning. I wrote this review in MS Word in 10.5 Century font and it lasts for 4 pages. Best read when you're bored.
Well, I think if you're reading this review, you're more or less interested in JRPG one way or another (either love it or hate it). You're probably familiar with the on going "genre war", brought to use after the "console war" but obsessive fanboys, disgrunted players, bitter old timers, passionate players and people have nothing better to do. Well, one thing though, you probably see the main argument against JRPG is that it's consistence without changing. It's a prejudice that I think is no longer correctly reflecting the current JRPG market and I know a lot of people (some of you in fact) put me in the Wapanese category for that (better than being accusing fanboy I guess, but somehow I got a feeling I'm being accused on both charges). Still, I stand by my argument a lot of people hating JRPG on an out of date stereotype. Today, let me show you the "right way" to hate a JRPG.

Pacing: the worst problem I have with the game, now I kinda understand what all the complaint about linearity in FFXIII. Now as an addict JRPG player I’m no stranger to the linearity of the game, and in fact, FFXIII is no worse (or better) most other JRPG in this department, however in this case the linearity is like a catalyst for something much worse. It’s a long road filled with drama, the problem is there is no build up or suspense to the drama. As such instead of helping forwarding a strong narrative (which is something you can credit linearity for) it somehow creates the exact opposite effect, it makes the story feel directionless and at time having no progression. For example, in FFVIII you can put the game into segment: the attack on Dollet, meeting with the Timber Owl, planning the assassination of the Sorceresses …etc… each of these events, their sequence is as linear as you have it but they provided a sense of progression/direction to the story and characters and explain the character drama along the way. In FFXIII even near the half story mark, I still feel directionless regarding the characters and even the story itself. And this really kills a lot of elements of the game as listed below.

Narrative: I will have to give FFXIII a third grade for its writing; either that or the translation is bad. First it’s due to the pacing of the game. Like I said instead of having built up and suspense for the drama, it’s just a constant flow of drama, and worse, it’s mostly the same type of drama. Basically you play every one hour for every 10 minutes of drama. I look at all the characters at the end and concluded: “what a bunch of emo”. And no, as surprisingly as it sounds this is the first JRPG title I have bestow that judgment. And 90% of the dialogue in the game will follow this “EXACT” script:

+ A: Oh I’m so ready to give up.
+ B: But we have to be strong and press forward!!
+ A: yeah you’re right, we have to.

And this was repeated again and again and again. No I don’t care if it’s the theme of the story, if I have to listen to the same damn line for the entire duration of a 40-50 hours long game I won’t care if a it’s the best line ever spoken because it’s bad, period. And what’s being said is far from being the best line. There was a speech at the end of chapter 10, the guy spoke for like a paragraph but as soon as he finished his first sentence, I “facepalmed” myself (doing the actual action) with “this AGAIN!!!??!?!?” … and I was right. I think every JRPG has some lines like that, spoken at the highest tension of the story drama once or twice during the game. The times FFXIII says it, I think it has a one year worth of JRPG release.

Plot: One more bad thing about the narrative is the over relying on the “bombshell dropping” approach, which again I contribute to bad pacing. Most of the major plot points are reveal involving some guys appears and tell you it on the face. Often time there is no leading, to resolving, no … contemplating. It’s just like the story tell you “Oh do you know about this? Are you surprised now? Are you in awl?” At those times I just want to reply “no, because the bomb you dropped doesn’t seem to explode.” This results in a disjointed narrative that fails to delivery whatever it’s trying to. And there is the datalog, which I think either translated by someone really clueless about Japanese-English transition because if it was on purpose, most of the story information presented in there feel like they come straight out of a gradeschool fairy book. They’re not bad, but they’re just embarrassing cheesy to read, and the worse part is that the in game narrative fail to illustrate the drama to the height written in the datalog. To put it short, the narrative uses a “believe what you’re told and pretend to be happy approach”. While it’s not a new thing, I certainly don’t expect that from a FF title. And common, sure we expect some corny lines in JRPG, but since when smart-and-cool(NOT) one liner was accepted as the norm in a FF game?!?

Characters: well, if a story lacks a good narrative, you can guess how well the characters will fare. Now, there are games we think the side characters are better than the main characters, there are games that only focus on the main characters while NPCs are afterthought, FFXIII had me not to care about both. Again coming back to what I said earlier, the mishandling of the drama is like string to move a big truck without the necessary power, so a lot of time it feels like a stand still thing and the characters are flat. What my characters think? what they want to do? I have no freaking clue. Remember those bombshells I stated above? They are also what your characters use most of the times. There was one time the characters turn 180 because they … well, just decide to change, some kind of on the fly revelation that give me a big “Eh?!?” Yeah, totally didn’t see that coming … and not in the good way. The entire game probably has one single believable character development, you might not like it but savior it. Samething with side characters, I don’t think there has been a single FF game I play that I don’t care or like at least one or two NPCs, Hell, I don’t think there has been even a single JRPG suffers that. Well, they say there is first time for everything, and this is definitely not something I want to lose my virginity over. Serah? Cid? Nabaat? And all other NPCs all have a pathetically low profile in the game as far as a “player” concern. But multiply their influence by 1000, and you have what your in game characters and story perceived them at. How to say it, it’s like if you’re a xenophobic or just don’t think the Asari look that attractive yet Mass Effect always seem constantly forcing this image of the Asari being space dryad by the entire universe. These characters, the story and datalog present them with an influence 1000 times greater what I can perceive directly in the game. And that qualifies as pretentious and forced drama in my book.

Cutsceen: One last thing to describe how a bad narrative can damage the game. Cutsceen, oh yeah, while I won’t readily agree with someone claiming Cutsceen is the meat of a FF game, I won’t argue back either. Like it or don’t like, FF’s cutsceen has always been one of the awl of a FF game. From scenes that can get you blood flowing like the dual between Squall and Seifer, or one that having you searching your jaw after watching like the fleet of Cannon mount airship in FFIX, or the high drama “pool” scene between Tidus and Yuna that had the internet in an uproar. Now for the first time, I realize something I didn’t before, the technical aspect is only one thing that makes those scenes awesome. There were good because they make sense, because they deliver what I either want to see, or believe would happen story wise. Most scenes in FFXIII just simply … lacks this. For example, there us one scene that can be definitely described as jaw dropping at the beginning of chapter XII, and as far as the technical aspect goes I think only the scene of Metal Gears Solid 4 is a worthy rival. Yet I feel nothing, ABSOLUTELY nothing except just another “Eh!?!” To me without a reason behind it, the scene seem to be just an over the top random Hollywood action flick thrown in. The very same scene could have been better if the narrative provided some kind of connecting element.

The sluggish pacing also affects the battle system. And no no, the battle system is absolutely fantastic and worthy of showering of praise. It just takes too damn long to pick up. I mean … common, I’m only allowed to start switching characters near the “half way” mark in the game? Not only that, the battle system while is more complex then previous title, it doesn’t justify the long (or slow) unlocking process. What could have been a 1 or 2 hours tutorial end up spanning 8-10 hours. Imagin in FFVIII you get everyone by the time you get Kervin, but have to wait until you get the Ragnarok to actually be allowed to change your party o_0

Music: The final complain is to the game music, or more specific, the theme song. This is again another symbolic trademark of the series that fails short this time around. The songs in FF has never been just about “sounding good”, they’re also for the most part reflect the story in probably one of the most direct way any gaming songs can ever be. Eyes on Me was basically a retell of what happens between Laguna and Julia in their last night. Melody of Life is the promises between characters in their darkest hours. 1000 Worlds is Lenne’s own strain of thought. So what is FFXIII’s My Hand? Nothing. And each of these songs was not sung randomly in the games, they have their own state where they have the strongest impact, I guess it’s not surprising there isn’t such a thing in FFXIII. I haven’t checked the Japanese version yet, but from the title I wonder if this is a blunder of the localization process. The original theme song is “Kimi Ga Iru Kara”, which I think mean “Because I have you”, which at least sounds more fitting to what the theme of the game. No offensive meant to Leona Lewis, My Hand is a great song and she performed beautifully, it just doesn’t have any … Final Fantasy feeling to it. I will enjoy it when I have the album Echo, but not when I hear it in this game. She was chosen probably more for the shake of sale then for the shake of story.

Well that’s enough of the complaints. More then enough I think, since it’s 3 page of Word in 10.5 Century font single spacing, anyone read through that wall of text will have a hard time believing I’m actually a JRPG addict and not a JRPG hater, and I won’t blame them. But now on to the good stuff, sadly there isn’t much.

Battle system: while I had argued that JRPG battle system is far from derivative of one another, there are feel that can actually get your flood flowing. I won’t say FFXIII’s battle system will make you feel like playing an action game, but it has enough rhythm to make you making footstep. I think it find the area for the people who think a tradition turn base is too boring and slow but lack the hand-eye quickness for a full real time to feel comfortable. And its class system provides a bit of variety in developing your characters and it also provide enough enemies variety for you to employ. In the first few chapters you might think classes like Saboteur and Sentinel are more like gimmick, but later on you’ll be glad proven wrong.

Graphic: I think praising a FF’s technical prowess is like stating the sun rising on the east. I just want to say though, while most of the scene are pretty standard FF stuffs (which is already higher then average standard), Grand Pulse is absolutely amazing. A lot of games and reviewers had made the claim of make the environment alive but to me most if not all are just glorified gimmick, but Grand Pulse does really deliver this feeling. Seeing all the creatures of all size roaming is inspiring and an environment that fits them so well. Now I’m fully aware of other gimmick employed by the game to create this effect, but still there is not arguing it does manage to create such effect, the end justified the mean, right. Putting a 3D classes on your head, and you might as well think you’re playing .//Hack. I think if any fan of the Elderscroll series would die happy if their game can create such environment.

In conclusion: I don’t like FFXIII. I think a lot of others bash FFXIII before it was released. However I think it’s funny, most of these bashing came from the same argument that the series, or JRPG in overall hasn’t changed their formula since forever. (Which I maintain my argument came from people who probably play very little JRPG and only know one or two flagship series). What I see now is a lot of change, and that’s exactly what I think is bad. I guess that’s the difference between someone playing and dislike the game, and someone who dislike the genre. FFXIII once again re-affirm what I fear happening to JRPG, or at least, triple-A JRPG, a rapid process of Westernize. These JRPG developers admit it, the developers of FFXIII admit it themselves really so there isn’t a need to beat around the bush on that issue. A lot of things, both good and bad in FFXIII have Western influence written all over. I think the day of me playing big name JRPG is coming to a close. I don’t hate Western RPG, but what JRPG is transforming into is not really in that territory, and instead of taking the best of both worlds like any good hybrid should, it feels like JRPG is taking the worst of both worlds to me. Or maybe, it’s like Orange Juice and Milk, which are both tasty, but mix them together and you get something really nasty. I think at this pace my JRPG enjoyment will be limited down to small and niche JRPG developers like NIS, Atlas …etc… A lot of people will laugh when I say I gonna trade FFXIII for Sakura Taisen 5 and I won’t blame them, I’ll lose $20 in between but for what I’m looking for, that’s how much I think FFXIII was worth. It fails at most what I want while excel as what I don’t really care about, at least with Sakura Taisen I would be pretty damn sure about what I’m getting, a pure JRPG, a JRPG meant for its original mentality, good or bad that’s what I’m looking for when I want to play a JRPG.

Re: What games are you playing & recommendations

Posted: March 21st, 2010, 4:14 am
by abscess
It's been a lot of years since the last time I played it. And for a good reason..... because a certain mod that assures it has restored a lot of the content that was cut out from the original release is finally out! It isn't Team Gizka's TSLRP but some other dudes that named it TSLRCM. I'm not sure if it's considered warez to say where to get it, since even Obsidian supported Team Gizka's effort, but to be on the safe side I'll stay shut about it.

So far I finished Peragus and Telos and I can say that it's less buggy than I remember it. There are still some very unwanted crashes in loading screens and when calling up the menu, and NPCs that don't show at all (I think that's a new one, since I don't remember that one on the original), but so far it's still enjoyable, even if it feels like having a stone in the shoe when walking some of the times. As for how much restored content there is I can't say for sure, since I'm kinda still starting, so to speak. But getting 6 lightsabers from a locker in Coruscant when my character is supposedly still figuring out where to get the required parts to build a new one is kind of... well, you know what I mean.

Re: What games are you playing & recommendations

Posted: March 24th, 2010, 4:26 am
by Watashimo
Just picked up Resonance of Fate, and from 2 hours of playing I'd say its pretty good. After playing FFXIII for 40+ hours, the graphics on Resonance of Fate look less appealing than they should, but I can say I love the combat much more than FFXIII. Not to mention... theres a world map ~le gasp! The lack of exploration through most of FFXIII killed it for me. Its just continuous hallways of death for 11/13 chapters of the game. The combat system in it was original in some aspects, but for me it quickly turned into pressing X twice with the occasional switch of Paradigms. Square Enix spent all of their money on the story and cinematics (which are spectacular) and left the gameplay boring and repetitive imho.

I also bought the expansion to Dragon Age:Origins and so far it seems pretty well done.

Eh, not to make anybody mad, but I got selected for the Starcraft II Beta, and I can say it is really fun. Take it from someone who played the original, it is definitely something to look forward to - it is not disappointing in the least.

Re: What games are you playing & recommendations

Posted: March 26th, 2010, 7:18 pm
by Atriel
I would hate you, but I don't even have Windows at the moment. I'll get it once I buy SC2.

At the moment I'm playing Bad Company 2. Single player wise, I'm probably at 1/3 of the game. But the multiplayer is where it's at. It's quite a lot of fun, but depends largely on you having a squad to play with, or at least 1 teammate. Team work is essential in the game.

It has some balance issues, but I think they'll be patched soon. Also, a map pack will be released soon and it will be free. Woot!

Re: What games are you playing & recommendations

Posted: March 30th, 2010, 1:14 am
by exerron
Watashimo wrote:Eh, not to make anybody mad, but I got selected for the Starcraft II Beta, and I can say it is really fun. Take it from someone who played the original, it is definitely something to look forward to - it is not disappointing in the least.
I actually found it very disappointing. I'm afraid the beta key is wasted on me. I never was a grand fan of SC, not to say I didn't like it. Don't think there are any people who likes strategy and hates SC... But I don't really like that there are relatively few new elements in the game. The same 3 factions, more or less the same units, some new buildings, a few changes in who does what (like the nuke is launched from elswhere now and thing like that). There are a few good ideas in there, but that's it. I really hoped that SC II will be more than just the first "episode" reloaded. My only hope is that the story will be as good as in the original game. Well I think I'm not supposed to share any more than this, (something in the EULA) so I won't.

Also played FFXIII. Haven't finished it just yet, but I think it's great. I never really liked how freedom of play translates in FF episodes (a few, usually rather lame, boring and/or vague quests, and lots of's fun in the first few 10 hours, but after that....). I always longed to see a game which integrates side-quests so seamlessly as Baldur's Gate II. I always got the feeling that I simply bumped into a quest. No bug question/exclamation marks, no obviously placed NPCs, just perfectly scripted events, so that you simply get caught in something, seemingly by accident. But I'm going off-topic. I think FFXIII's much discussed linearity wasn't that grand of a problem, but I understand if that bothers people, if the creators wouldn't have put in some story advancment or stuff like that every 5-10 minutes, I would complain about the linarity as well, but fortunately, that wasn't the case. The characters were likable, the voice acting is some of the highest quality I've ever heard, the battle system is very good and enjoyable, and of course, probably no single soul on this Earth would say anything bad about the visuals and rendered movies. I missed normal equipment, (though I'm getting used to this unfortunate simplification seen in mor and more RPGs) money was scarce, and the shop system strange. A few real towns with more thatn 2 or 3 people to talk to would have been nice, but I can live with this.
I think FF XIII tried to break off from the jrpg standard, and that's admirable, since JRPGs haven't changed much since the genere was born. Okay, I'm sure that enthusiasts can list pages of small changes and whatnot, but's little. I'm sure there are people who like this, but nevertheless, I think FF XIII was a very brave step and even if it's not perfect, hopefully others will follow in it's wake. (Of course, I like JRPGs as well, and played many of them, so it's not like I want them gone, just a bit of modernization other than graphics.)
Atriel wrote:I would hate you, but I don't even have Windows at the moment. I'll get it once I buy SC2.
I think if you have Mac, that's good too. I don't think there is a Linux version though. Or am I torturing you with this? Sorry, if that's the case.