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Forum problems

Unread postby Beowulf Lee » May 31st, 2008, 10:35 pm

I'm having trouble posting something on the forums. I get this error:

Could not insert new word matches


INSERT INTO phpbb_search_wordmatch (post_id, word_id, title_match) SELECT 28001, word_id, 0 FROM phpbb_search_wordlist WHERE word_text IN ('themes', 'themessss', 'quit', 'kiddin?', 'yourself', 'sonny', 'ain?t', 'deerp', 'two', 'sides', '4chan', 'i?m', 'attempt', 'argue', 'former', 'heavily', 'dependent', 'takajuns', 'fansub', 'translation', 'snippet', 'don?t', 'sparknotes', 'god?s', 'gift', 'high', 'school', 'english', 'students', 'detailed', 'summary', 'explanations', 'dialogue', 'warning', 'long', 'read', 'ahead', 'accompaniment', 'didn?t', 'watch', 'movie', 'you?ll', 'idea', 'talking', 'opens', 'introduction', 'main', 'characters', 'story', 'blatant', 'product', 'placement', 'everyday', 'banter', 'conversation', 'tell', 'pretty', 'decent', 'friendship', 'romantically', 'there?s', 'typical', '?normal?', 'nice', 'guy', 'kokutou', 'mikiya', 'glasses', 'ryougi', 'shiki', 'kimono', 'wearing', 'girl', 'strawberry', 'leather', 'jacket', 'right', 'bat', 'she?s', 'one', 'doing', 'ass', 'kicking', 'kara', 'kyoukai', 'scene', 'switches', 'event', 'actually', 'happens', 'later', 'fujou', 'kirie', 'walking', 'edge', 'building', 'credits', 'roll', 'hear', 'theme', 'song', 'that?s', 'played', 'repeatedly', 'throughout', 'next', 'minutes', 'various', 'forms', 'different', 'instruments', 'editor?s', 'note', 'sure', 'damn', 'catchy', 'kajiura', 'yuki', 'music', 'treated', 'scenes', 'butterfly', 'dragonfly', 'fluttering', 'seems', 'director', 'fun', 'playing', 'orange', 'filter', 'makes', 'projector', 'dream', 'while', 'he?s', 'trapped', 'end', 'opening', 'kirie?s', 'eventual', 'glorious', 'bloody', 'demise', 'jumping', 'it?s', 'morning', 'wakes', 'strips', 'puts', 'same', 'night', 'fridge', 'bunch', 'water', 'bottles', 'diet', 'raving', 'frowns', 'notices', 'message', 'phone', 'instead', 'listening', 'leaves', 'apartment', 'bothering', 'lock', 'door', 'voice', 'newscaster', 'suicide', 'inside', 'messy', 'office', 'room', 'red', 'haired', 'woman', 'aozaki', 'touko', 'states', 'fourth', 'goes', 'explain', 'common', 'link', 'left', 'girls', 'related', 'problems', 'personal', 'lives', 'families', 'friends', 'kill', 'themselves', 'concludes', 'sarcastically', '?obvious?', 'case', 'secretively', 'feeling', 'uneasy', 'killing', 'telling', 'anyone', 'hinting', 'contradiction', 'care', 'chosen', 'spectacular', 'fashion', 'since', '?chose?', 'die', 'obviously', 'wanted', 'mean', 'means', 'cases', 'mere', 'suicides', 'intend', 'gives', 'analogy', '?it?s', 'shopping', 'traffic', 'accident', 'made', 'sitting', 'completely', 'still', 'sofa', 'front', 'wall', 'tvs', 'wonders', '?going', 'back?', 'doesn?t', 'think', 'strange', 'comment', 'least', 'investigate', 'site', 'buildings', 'district', 'city', 'entire', 'portion', 'looks', 'decrepit', 'literally', 'rotting', 'aren?t', 'cars', 'live', 'dog', 'making', 'footprints', 'towards', 'turns', 'another', 'committed', 'fifth', 'nine', 'ghosts', 'floating', 'above', 'back', 'touko?s', 'position', 'he', 'yesterday', 'tells', 'eight', 'deaths', 'flying', 'apparently', 'apart', 'rest', 'ghost', 'cronies', 'highly', 'amused', 'fact', 'asks', 'exactly', 'textbook', 'history', 'speech', 'noting', 'famous', 'observation', 'decks', 'overlooking', 'fell', 'demolished', 'rebuffs', 'asking', 'course', 'wants', 'consents', 'short', 'explanation', 'exist', 'distorted', 'slower', '?records?', '?not', 'date?', 'meaning', 'building?s', 'timeline', 'reality', 'synch', 'world?s', 'lapse', '?memories?', 'alive', 'linger', 'giving', 'nasu', 'likes', 'analogies', 'smoke', 'lingers', 'fire', 'apt', 'smoky', 'existences', 'flare', 'original', 'counterpart', 'human', 'beings', 'continues', 'onto', 'topic', 'certain', 'emotion', 'person', 'feels', 'landscape', 'calls', '?far?', 'view', 'knows', 'seeing', 'distance', 'grandeur', 'give', 'cannot', 'feel', 'eventually', 'conflict', 'he?ll', 'meet', 'humans', 'special', 'surroundings', 'such', 'horrible', 'wrong', '?under', 'normal', 'circumstances')

Line : 251
File : functions_search.php
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