translation project question

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translation project question

Unread post by tmask » May 2nd, 2008, 12:36 am

Im wanting to try and do my own game translation. However, I dont think it is done in onscripter so im not sure what resources I should use or how to get started. The game is called "otome wa onesama ni koishiteru" and from what I see it has all the data for the game in .bin files. I think these are some sort of resource file with all the data kind of mixed in together. Could this be a proprietary format that i would have to somehow decrypt or figure out the file structure on my own? Or are these kind of files common and have a tool out there to decompile everything? I tried to hex edit one of the files and the first three characters said "ARC" so would this maybe an arc file? This is probably way out of my league but I thought I would ask anyways :)

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