Spacing problem with Latin Extended A Charactes in Fate/Krkr

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Spacing problem with Latin Extended A Charactes in Fate/Krkr

Unread post by Geralt » April 4th, 2008, 3:33 pm


i'm currently working on a Czech retranslation of Fate/stay night and i'm a little bit stuck with following problem:

while Krkr supports unicode and correctly displays czech characters (namely characters with caron ($0159 - "ř" for example)) it seems it treats them as full width characters instead of half width, which results in pretty ugly text. I have spent whole night trying to figure out where to force krkr to recognize characters 0x0100 - 0x017E as half width characters, but with no luck. Guess my programming skills are too low for that (or actualy nearly nonexistent).

As I realize that I was warned that you can't give me support for my translation project, maybe some good soul could give me a hint or advice where to look or what to modify to make it work?

Just for record - history shows up text correctly, only main text screen draws characters with too much space around. I guess history window uses standart windows api to draw text where game text window uses some subroutines for diferent graphical efects where it counts with specific character space.

Anyway thanks in advance for any even little advice (yay, am I not optimistic? :) )


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