WMV files and Subtitles

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WMV files and Subtitles

Unread post by DarkRedSky » April 4th, 2008, 12:23 pm

Ok. So I got a new mp4 (it's actually an mp3 but it plays vids... so I call it a mp4) player that plays videos in .wmv. Only problem is that when I transcode certain files into .wmv I lose the subs. I think is due to the fact the subs are not hard coded into video but instead are soft subs. I've been trying to figure a way to get subs to work. I was able to extract the subtitle file in the .ass form from the original file which was a .mkv. I was trying to put Byosoku 5cm onto the mp4, and it works and the image is very good only problem now is the subs.

Mp3: Zen by Creative

So does anyone know how to either 1. hard code the subs into the .mkv so that when I transcode the subs are encoded as well. Or 2. hard code subs into the .wmv file? I was up all last night trying to figure it out and didn't get any sleep and I still didn't get it to work.

If you have any suggestions maybe a step by step instruction would be nice :D .

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Unread post by idontknoW » April 4th, 2008, 3:59 pm

(feel free to correct me, I only re-encode files on a must, and I say that must was like, a year ago when it happened.)

If your player can only play .WMVs then you'd end up hardsubbing. no matter what.

These ones are answers to your #2. I haven't seen a method that can directly hardsub an mkv's contents before.

First off, have you tried MediaCoder? I've heard that it has subtitle support as of now.
If it does, you can:
1. Demux / Extract the originals. (in the case of an MKV, you'll have to use MKVToolnix
2. From the output, you should see your video file (raw) and the subtitle file.
3. Use MediaCoder to encode it to a WMV file with the subs hardcoded

Second is what i would've done in such a situation...:
1. Demux
2. Open up VirtualDubMod (or VirtualDub)
3. Open the Video file
4. Open the Subtitle file (.ass) as a Filter <-- was it a filter, i forgot but i'm positive about that. either way, you can import it somewhere there.
5. Set the Compression settings. (in your case, WMV. dunno if that'd work though cause usually, outputs are in AVI)
6. Export it.
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Unread post by DarkRedSky » April 4th, 2008, 8:48 pm

Thank you so much. I hope this works.

I've tried the second method. When I manage to get the subs in and try to convert the avi file with the video converter provided by my the Creative website. The conversion fails something about no codec and not compatible. I've all the codecs I need and it still says that.

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