japanese self taughters...

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japanese self taughters...

Unread post by pchunter » January 25th, 2008, 4:46 am

this is for the people who taught themself japanese.

How did you teach ureself? I was going to take Jap. I, II, III in school but they f*cking took it off the list now. Sheesh, so im now determined to teach myself... even tho it may take 2-3 years... My friends say Rossetta stone is not good unless you know the basics, and i also heard that Pimsleur is pretty good. Of course there are many websites that have free lessons of their own (i probrally bookmarked them all), but can i have your opinions?

Oh, btw.. is it true (for the pplz who know both jap + korean) that japanese is really similar to korean (with it's grammatical structure) so it wouldnt be that hard to learn (other then the kanji)?

(this was probrally asked b4... but i looked and couldnt find it..)

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