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Anyone Wanna Help me to write a entire magic faq for HA II?

Posted: November 8th, 2004, 7:54 am
by Zoel
Sorry i could put the full name for Heroine Anthem 2. But anyone wanna help me out to write a full guide for the magic?

Here's all i have
it's gonna be summit on gamefaqs when doned.
and yea the info isn't all accurate so it needs to be fixed.
the format is also mess (look perfect on TXT. of course)

The charater position on Heroine Anthem works one a 3 x 3 square

(Ene) (you) (Ene2)
*** *** ***
*** *** ***
*** *** ***

And when casting magic you get spells that go by hitting
a cross shape , a square etc..

Magic Guide


-------------------English TRANSLATION----------
01. Treatment : M + S Mp Usage :40
02. Cold Air : G + H + L Mp Usage :10
03. Protect : Y + S Mp Usage :
04. Restore : G + N Mp Usage :
05. Sleep : H + N Mp Usage :
06. Ice sword : L + T Mp Usage :
07. Sword of Earth: B + T Mp Usage :
08. Fetter : B + I + N Mp Usage :
09. Fire Blast: H + K Mp Usage :30
10. Meteors : B + G + K Mp Usage :30
11. confuse : K + S Mp Usage :
12. Acceleration : D + H Mp Usage :
13. Fast : D + G + H Mp Usage :
14. Holy light: D + M + S Mp Usage :60
15. Blood drain : F + S + U Mp Usage :50
16. Blazing flame: D + K + U Mp Usage :50
17. Slow : Ng+N Mp Usage :
18. Electric shock : D+U+Th Mp Usage :
19. Alienation: Ng+T+N Mp Usage :
20. Light arrow : Ng+T+S+G Mp Usage :
21. Poisonous blood : Ng+G+H+N Mp Usage :
22. Electricity thick liquid : Th+L Mp Usage :
23. Power Warrior : S+T+E Mp Usage :
24. Expel : R+O+H Mp Usage :
25. Perspective : A+S+W Mp Usage :
26. Hail storm : G+H+I+Ul Mp Usage :
27. Explosion??: G+H+K+Ul Mp Usage :
28. Earthquake : G+H+B+Ul Mp Usage :
29. Seals : A+N+M Mp Usage :
30. Duplicate : UI+S+P+B Mp Usage :
31. Divine Power: E+J+U+Z Mp Usage :
32. Supernatural absorption: A+UI+S+F Mp Usage :
33. Thunderstorm: G+H+Th+Ul Mp Usage :
34. Holy Purification: G+S+M+W
---------------High Class Black Magic---------------
35. Ice dragon : E+G+N+I+L
36. Saint sword : M+D+R+Ng+S
37. Hurricane : H+G+N+Y+K
38. Hell magic: B+O+N+Th+K
39. Fire phoenix: E+M+P+I+K
40. Crag giant: B+T+U+Th+UI

AE: Area Effect
T:Time(How long to cast normally)

Magic Description-(Incomplete)

01. Treatment (治疗术): M + S E:(Heals Party) T:3 AE: Cross Shape Mp Usage :40
A healing spell that goes in a position of a cross and heals about
like 40 % of you HP in the beginning of the game. you can heal all 4 of your
party members if line up correctly. In non battles, you can only heal
one of your characters.
02. Cold Air (冻气术):G + H + L E:(Ice Damage) T:3 AE: Cross Mp Usage :10
The Weakest ice spell in the game , it's pretty useful , when you first
have it , and want to take out enemies in a group , plus it doesn't
cost much MP either.
10. Meteors (落石术): B + G + K (Earth Damage) T:4 AE:3x3 Mp Usage :30
This Spell is quite useful due to it's good range and decent damage
it's way better then the spell Cold Air.
14. Holy light:(光疗术): D + M + S (Heals Party) T:3 AE:2X3 Mp Usage :60
The Stronger Version of Treatment.
16. Blazing Flame 火炎术:D+K+U E:(Fire Damage) AE: Cross Mp Usage :50
This Fire Spell suppose to be pretty decent , but since it's used
by Hulen it's rather weak and has a high Mp Usage.

---------More to be added.------------


This Guide is done by Chao Min wu AKA (Zoel Giradel) in gamefaqs
(and Zoel in other forums.) Copyright.
If you wish to post it somewhere just give me a notice.
just don't edit out the credit. If you wish to note me on something
just email me at

Posted: June 16th, 2005, 4:29 pm
by MaDMaLKaV
D have been working on translating HA and HA2 for a while, if you are so interested in the game, perhaps you can lend him a hand.

Posted: June 16th, 2005, 6:18 pm
by D
Bad time to post this dude. I just discovered today I cannot work on Heroine Anthem II anymore. My new (only) computer FAILS TO BOOT if you install ANY StarForce 3.0+ game on it. Basically, I have no way to do any more testing at all unless someone knows a fix. Hopefully if not, someone else can take over the project.

From the news post...
I used to really like StarForce. A protection no one has ever been able to hack out of a game ? ever. In fact all anyone has ever managed was a lame-duck trick of pulling out IDE cables which has been stopped in the latest revisions of StarForce.

Then came today.

No, my key CD was not scratched. No, I didn?t encounter something I couldn?t hack in the game because of the protected CD. My computer would flat out not boot. Whenever I install any StarForce 3.0+ protected game and StarForce loads its drivers onto my system, my computer becomes tanked. It will not even boot past showing the Windows wallpaper (before logging in). At that point my hard disk goes silent, all goes silent. Windows hasn?t even booted far enough to accept CTRL+ALT+DEL forcing me to manually power off.

For reference, I have a Gateway M460TX. It is running Windows XP SP2 (the factory installed OS). If you have any idea how to make this computer boot with StarForce, let me know. I tried it with and without a CD-ROM drive attached to the machine and it makes no difference.

As I just got this new computer, I will not be getting another machine for 4?5 more years. This means I will not have a computer that will run Heroine Anthem II again for another 4?5 years. Hopefully someone else can pick up my tools and continue the project, but it seems for now I cannot.

If you have any ideas at all how to get StarForce 3 games running on my hardware, let me know.

As an aside, this only applies to Heroine Anthem II. The first game has no such protections and will continue on as a project normally.

Posted: June 17th, 2005, 2:09 am
by Soulfang
That's just downright strange. :/

Well, here's to hoping someone else picks up the project...

Posted: June 17th, 2005, 2:43 am
by dreamsonic
终于看到中文了??感动啊!不过也有可能是日文中的汉字?? :shock:

sorry,but I want to know,the game is from PS2? or x-box? ngc?

Posted: June 19th, 2005, 11:22 am
by Soulfang
dreamsonic wrote:终于看到中文了??感动啊!不过也有可能是日文中的汉字?? :shock:

sorry,but I want to know,the game is from PS2? or x-box? ngc?
It's a PC game.

Posted: June 23rd, 2005, 2:00 pm
by TheXev
dreamsonic, since this game is in Chinese, if your computer can run it you could play and enjoy it quite well. I remember our senior Chinese translator, Azn, wanted to hack the HA games, but it seemed other people had also been translating it into English at the time (like D-Boy).

Posted: September 20th, 2007, 4:48 am
by Einherjar
OMG it's in Chinese!

oops, old topic revived

Posted: September 20th, 2007, 8:57 am
by puKKa
Einherjar wrote:OMG it's in Chinese!

oops, old topic revived
please don't raise the dead for no reason.. -_-