Fate/Stay Night problems

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Fate/Stay Night problems

Unread post by Memor-X » November 4th, 2011, 8:08 am

i got this off a friend who has let me borrow his discs until near the end of January next year (which is when i know it's safe to import, i find alot of my imports go missing around the chirstmas period, dam greedy @#$%'s), anyway, i installed it and started running it last night and saved just when Rin is showing Archer around town, anyway, i began to wonder why i hadn't heard any Japanese audio when in the installer there was an option to install English audio so i contacted my friend, he said i should have been hearing the japanese audio, he told me to copy over the xp3 files from the folder he gave me to the install folder (in the folder he gave me he had had the english installer and 6 xp3 files), i copied the patch4, 5 and 6 xp3 files because patch, 2 and 3 was already in the folder and they was the exact same size as the ones i was copying over

after i put the 3 xp3 files into the folder and started Fate/Stay Night, i got an error box with no text it it, a small bluw screen with nothing in it and some strange little window with 4 buttons, ofcause Fate/Stay night did not run at all, so i removed the 3 xp3 files that was copied over and run Fate/Stay Night and it worked find again like it did last night

anyone got any ideas what's going on?

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Re: Fate/Stay Night problems

Unread post by Message » November 6th, 2011, 11:37 am

You're not allowed to use our translation on an illegal copy of the game, as you can read in the EULA that you agreed to. Thread locked.