Holy crap FSN works on ReactOS with sound! (+ a few catches)

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Holy crap FSN works on ReactOS with sound! (+ a few catches)

Unread post by Nintendo Maniac 64 » January 10th, 2010, 11:01 pm

The video of proof (and a slow VirtualBox >_>)

There seems to be only 3 issues, but unfortunately they're all quite major. One is the half-transparent text. The other is the Non-piracy agreement where it sometimes goes to a 2nd page, making it impossible to select "I agree". The 3rd and the worst is that once savedata is present, the program will, considerably more times than not, fail to open and crash.

Stability-wise though, it seems that once you get "in", everything runs smoothly. The right-click menu worked perfectly fine (not shown in video). In general anything with the mouse (buttons, pointer) was very slow - the keyboard worked smoothly however (I'm guessing that's a VirtualBox slowness issue).

Unfortunately, because it ran so slow, I didn't get to see if the title sceen, main menu, or videos worked. I tried using already completed savedata to go straight to the title screen, but I kept running into the above-mentioned savedata crash issue.

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