Archer's Route?

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Archer's Route?

Unread postby Finalfan67 » December 25th, 2009, 6:57 am

Hi I'm new here and theres this question thats been stuck in my head after i read F/SN
I know that Archer's route is considered to be the Ilya Route, and it contains all the elements of the other routes combined (such as him losing the sheath and the darkness that is Sakura roaming around, etc etc, but since it was Shirou's orginal timeline (one can assume) then Archer has yet to exist in the Throne of Heroes right? So if that's the case, who would have Rin summoned? Can't be Saber since Archer clearly remembers her. Or is it Archer would always be summoned because the Throne of Heroes is removed from time, regardless of the event occurring for the first time?
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Re: Archer's Route?

Unread postby Mazyrian » December 25th, 2009, 12:18 pm

It's not said that it was Ilya's route, only that they were close. And I don't remember being said that he lost the sheath, neither.

And yes, since the Throne of Heroes is outside of time he could be summoned even in his original timeline.
Or not, since maybe it not possible for that to happen since a loop has to start somewhere. However, given the catalyst Rin has, she shouldn't be able to summon any other Servant.
Other Servants could have been different, though. Maybe there was Ajax somewhere, and that was how he got Rho Aius?
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