Using the Realta Nua BGM in the PC game?

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Using the Realta Nua BGM in the PC game?

Unread post by iathomps » September 17th, 2009, 8:25 am

With Tsukihime, switching between the Ever After BGM and the TsukiBako BGM was easy, you simply replaced the files in the CD folder. Quick and Simple. I have done it several times.

For Fate/Stay Night, has anyone tried replacing the normal game BGM with the Realta Nua BGM? I imagine that would involve editing the .xp3 file, which is something I have never done. Also, I haven't actually played Realta Nua on the PS2, I just have the soundtrack CDs, which means I have no idea if the Realta Nua BGM is a simple swap of new tracks in for old tracks, or if it uses a mixture of new tracks with old tracks. Is there anyone here who has 1) Played Realta Nua and can confirm that the new BGM is a simple replacement with new tracks replacing old and 2) has experience editing .xp3 files and could explain how an edit might happen.

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Re: Using the Realta Nua BGM in the PC game?

Unread post by sushimonster » September 19th, 2009, 10:20 am

The bgm in Fate/stay night is in xp3, which if I remember can be unencrypted and opened using Susie. If you do have the realta nua ost, then should be possible to replace the songs (you can just rebuild the realta nua songs back into xp3 the container), assuming there are no further delays like random file extensions. I think read that the songs in fate stay night are ogg files, but can't really remember.

Though I think you should ask Message for permission before going to reverse engineer copyrighted stuff with copyrighted stuff. I myself have the actual realta nua game and OST, and really can't be bothered finding it and putting it into my lappie at the moment (but I think the bgm on that was NOT xp3 encoded).

Personally, having played realta nua (a bit at least), I found the songs on that a wee bit brighter...

Hope that helps...

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Re: Using the Realta Nua BGM in the PC game?

Unread post by WakuWaku » September 21st, 2009, 2:02 am

To answer your first question, it's not simple replacement. The new Realta Nua BGM is used in addition with the old BGM.

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