I was able to get my fate stay night to work...

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I was able to get my fate stay night to work...

Unread postby max71 » September 13th, 2009, 9:52 pm

on a mac, but it's uses jap texts most likely due that the converter made the 0.txt file from the original .xp3 file, is there any way to convert the patch .xp3 so that it makes a english 0.txt or preferably make the original patch .xp3 to a .nsa file so I can play it with voices and such? So far the only real way I see to make the 0.txt is if I edit the 0.txt myself and retranslate it, since I can't do that, any help?
Also a few things I have noticed was that the movies have been disabled, the actual character pic are a bit buggy, the sound option is on the main menu and the extra section also has a buggy out look, any way to fix this?
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