About that lovable bastard known as Kotomine (SPOILERS)

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About that lovable bastard known as Kotomine (SPOILERS)

Unread post by radical_number6 » August 14th, 2009, 7:18 pm

Now, we all know Type-Moon had little to no involvement with Nitro Plus and their novel Fate/Zero.

So in Fate/Zero, Kotomine is a sick person. We all know that right? He cried when his wife died becoz he didnt get the chance to kill her and show her how sick he was. But we know that in Fate/Stay Night, right? So question is, was he sick from the beginning as Fate/Zero depicted or was it becoz of his fake heart that caused him to be who he was? Coz you know, the fake heart is tainted by evil from the grail. Or could it be Dark Sakura's influences since she is grail I think if I remember correctly, as depicted in HF. But in UBW and Fate, Sakura had no role in the war since her servant, Rider was defeated, which could not necessarily cut the link between Sakura and the grail but stop the evil influnce with all the worms and Zoken since in HF, you know, she had Rider, not that more of a bastard than Kotomine Shinji. God I had that bastard. I wanna tortured him so bad. I would stick thin fine bamboo sticks under his nails. Nail clipper/ clip his nails WHOLE! Stick a freaking long needle into his penis hole/ urethra i should say. I wanna hurt him so bad. Anyway, the Sakura point is.........finished and up for discussions. What else.....or was Kotomine really a social-path from the start, regardless of the tainted mud from the grail? If Kotomine was simply sick from the start, all those topic points I mention would be wasted, that would at least 'canonnize' Fate/zero, plus I had to remember that bastard Shinji. Even his look is disgusting. All for naught. As always, whenever I had a question, I would blabber on until I sort of answer my own question. So anyone to confirm my suspicions?

edit: 2 minutes after the post above, 2 members, including me, 0 visitors. mirrormoon had become so lonely. im so lonely cries* Why dont you guys translate other VN or F/HA, not that Im ordering you to. Im sure you're busy with your girlfriend and all.

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Re: About that lovable bastard known as Kotomine (SPOILERS)

Unread post by Garcher » August 14th, 2009, 10:00 pm

It was said in Heaven's Feel that Kotomine was like that from the beginning. From the moment he was shown the world's moralities, he wanted to crush them and do the contrary of said moralities. He was "sick" from the very beginning, yes.

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Re: About that lovable bastard known as Kotomine (SPOILERS)

Unread post by DarkEyes » August 17th, 2009, 11:10 pm

as in he was ,,broken" ever since he was born.

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