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Unread postby Thanatos » January 22nd, 2010, 4:52 pm

small update: added movie and tv reproduction sections, also added lyrics for the song in movie trailer.


Itsuwari no yume datte kanaete miseru
Ima wa mada warawaretemo ii sa
Kireigoto da to shite mo
Mezashitai n da
Ima wa mada kanata da keredo
Nisemono wa honmono ni kawaru darou

I'll show you that this false dream can be fulfilled
You can still ridicule me now
Even if it's idealistic
I want to make it my aim
It's still far away now
But surely
What is fake will become what is real

UPDATE2: full lyrics of imitation added, credits to this guy here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XDWfkmn ... re=related who got the lyrics from Beast's Lair, so credits to RanonCap ;X

UPDATE3: added full Japanese(romanji) lyrics to This Illusion, Hikari and Voice ~Tadori Tsuku Basho~(<- gonna translate this one when i have time xD)

UPDATE4: and here is the translation^^
Not rewarded feeling beeing hurt from day to day,
During the journey to a distant dream I'm gonna feel that way.

I feel like, I will be defeated by myself, if I stop here.
The night when I bit my lip tightly,
Hearing someone's voice, echoing in the moonlight,
This voice motivates me.

You are always by my side if I turn around.
You encourage me softly,
Like that star, shining in they sky, I look up at.
It lead to the destination and the place I should return to.

Everyone certainly belive that there is nothing that can't come true,
I wipe the tears, because I have hope to change the future.

However sometimes even the heart is lying.
The approaching morning, tantalized sleep,
New light, like being embraced rises.
I walk to the way of the light again.

I am always by your side if you turn around.
Because I am looking at you.
I ask you if you have been lonely,
I want to share any kind of yesterday and tomorrow with you.

The voice that recalls the memories of the childhood.
That kind smile, helped me many times.
I want to send the song of delight to one of these days.

I realise you are always by my side.
You encourage me quietly,
Like that star which illuminates a couple.
It lead to the destination and the place I should return to.

傷つく事ばかりの日々に 想いは報われないものなんだって
そんな風に感じてしまうよ 遥かな夢への旅の途中で

だけどここで立ち止まれば 自分に負けそうな気がして
聞こえてきた誰かの声が 月明かりに響き出し
その声が私を 突き動かすんだ

振り向けばいつだって あなたが傍に居て
見上げた空に輝 くあの星のように
辿りつく場所 還るべき場所 導いてく

叶わないものなんてないと 誰もがきっと何処かで信じている
未来を変えようと願うから 流してた涙を今拭った

だけど時に立ち止まって 知らずに心さえ偽って
まるで抱きしめられたような 新しい光が昇って
その光の方へ また歩き出せる

振り向けばいつだって 私は傍に居て
お願い もし孤独を抱えているなら
どんな昨日も どんな明日も 分け合いたい

幼い日の記憶 呼び起こすような声
優しい笑顔にもう何度も 助けられているから
いつの日にか 歓喜の歌を届けたいよ…

気がつけばいつだって あなたが傍に居て
たった一つ 二人を照らすあの星のように
辿りつく場所 還るべき場所 導いてく

+ La Sola lyrics added, credits to this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkgjc9HdTZ0
+ another translation for Sabers Character Song added, credits: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBR7JanY6pQ
+ full lyrics for disillusion (-2010- too, but a bit different version) credits: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0kBXI_xPXo
+ full Aitai yo lyrics added, credits: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhoXxOqGSBU

UPDATE5: reproductions first/second ending lyrics added.
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