Changing music in F/SN.

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Changing music in F/SN.

Unread postby Shockz » March 22nd, 2009, 10:09 am

Okay, somewhere in between writing bad crossover fanfiction and feeding my Civilization addiction at around 2AM, I got the idea to try and replace the original version of Emiya in F/SN with the anime version. (Don't get me wrong, the original is great, but the anime version is mind-blowing. One of the very few things the anime actually improved.) I've kind of figured out how to work with the .xp3 files, but there are a couple things I wanted to know before I tried it:

1. Do I need to actually re-encode the new version as an OGG file, or will it be enough for it to simply have "bgm23" as the filename?

2. What do these "SLI" files do, and do I need to worry about/change them?

3. Is doing this going to break the game in any way? I have a backup version of the BGM xp3 just in case.

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Unread postby ReidE96 » April 7th, 2009, 11:02 pm

1. Considering the full version of the filename, which is what the vn will be using, contains the .whatever part, yes, you would need to encode it to the same. Though whether or not it'll work, I don't know.

2. SLI files are Slice files, used by some 3d modeling programs and also by 2d drawing packages that utilise multiple layers (e.g. photoshop). Considering you're just changing sound, you should be fine.

3. Doubtful, but possible. I'd hang on to that backup just in case, but the xp3s should only change things whilst they're in the folder. The English patch can be removed by deleting the xp3s it installs.

Though why you'd want to replace the original Emiya, the greatest version, with one of the lesser remixes I don't know. The only really good remix is the one in Fate Unlimited/Codes. More trippy, fits the fighter genre better. The anime version just seems to be the VN version, only with some of the awesome removed so you can hear the voice actors :/

Edit: Forgot the other use of .sli - the 2d graphics one
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