(Spoilers) Fate/Unlimited Codes plots

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(Spoilers) Fate/Unlimited Codes plots

Unread postby hoennsquall » March 3rd, 2009, 11:29 am

so, i heard each of the characters has his/her own story....

can someone please tell me what they are, since I can't read japanese much....
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Unread postby inferno_flamex » March 3rd, 2009, 11:42 am

...... Lets gonna spoiler tag em in case some of us didnt complete any character in particular .........


Her route pretty much follows the anime... Not much difference imho.. except she was much more beautiful with her hair let down in the sunset...

Follows the anime.. The pic of him at the Fuyuki bridge is evidence enough


Apperently.. From what i can understand.. Archer and Rin managed to win the Holy Grail war... Yes.. WITH RIN... And must i say that Rin too.. was much beautiful when her hair was let down... meh.. Maybe i just have a 'long hair' fetish or something...


Ohooo.. This bastard managed to get Saber to drink the holy grail and the final pic was a pic of Saber BECOMING Dark Saber.. With one of her eyes already becoming that yellow/gold color... Poor poor saber... no doubt.. he won the war...

Berz managed to do his duty as a servent and saw through that Ilya did her Heaven's Feel duty through bloodied eyes... Then Berz returned to spirit form i presume, since his purpose is done...

Dark Saber
During the final fight.. She faught against her own self... Or rather.. Her PURE self... Saber has came before her, as a final attempt to stop Dark Saber before the grail was released.. But Dark Saber won.. And as Saber dissappear, Dark Saber look upon her with sad eyes... As if saying a final goodbye...

Zero Lancer
Well.. Too bad.. There's no ending or ANY storyline for this guy.. no really.. Im serious...

Hmm... All i know about this one is that the ending is pretty much similar as the intro.. At least Picture-wise... But much much more flowerry... and sorts... I cant remember much about Rider's ending tho... Only completed her route once and never find any 'impact' for me to remember throughout the arcade...


I forgot Assasin's ending as well... Sorry...

And i havnt done the others yet...
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Unread postby Kcuf » March 3rd, 2009, 12:03 pm

Assassin - From what I can understand
Assassin is summoned and refuses Caster's request to guard Fuyuki Temple. She uses a command spell and Assasin must obey. He faces Saber as a mid-boss, by order from Caster's 2nd command spell. In his final battle, Berserker appears and knocks him down. Caster uses her 3rd command spell to order him to stand up and fight. Now that he regained his free will, he kills Caster and faces Berserker.
Now without Mana supply, he thinks about the Grail War before he disappears.

Caster - Can only remember her ending.
Kuzuki was apparently killed and she wishes from the Holy Grail to ressurect him. He wakes up and finds Caster nowhere.

Again, this is what I THINK is happening.
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Unread postby that one guy » March 4th, 2009, 1:01 am

Pretty sure Riders was
Sakura starts fading into Dark Sakura, Rider swears that she'll save her. Then, she does, and disappears because of it, causing Sakura to get really sad...and stuff. That's about it.
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Unread postby Soulshade » March 5th, 2009, 4:07 am

K im gonna try explain every1s ending correct me if im wrong

Sabers ending is pretty much the same as the fate route in f/sn if u'll played it then u should know wats going on

His ending follows the ubw route where he beats shirou and gilgamesh. wat happens is that he and rin just wins the holy grail war. not sure what rin wished for but expect some future shirouxrin pics... jks XD

It follows the fate route in f/sn just like sabers ending except in shirous point of view

shes killed pretty much every1 including shirou although she wanted to save him she doesnt remember wat he looks like

rin wins the grail and her wish was to turn archer into a perma servant in chibi form for betraying her. archers just qqings :(

nothing much going on here she and rin r lying on the ground panting. they both finally make up their differences and both starting laughing like morons :(

he beats every1 and manages to be the last one standing. here hes talking to himself and finally completes his main goal by finding out what is inside the grail only to find angra mainyu

im not quite sure wif her ending but she and avenger manages to keep the 4 day cycle going as shown in f/ha but only to find herself returning to the void when avenger manages to stop the cycle

the queen of boobs had her body destroyed as the result of winning the last fight in f/uc. ilya uses her third sorcery or second not sure which one and gives leysritt's soul a new body

Zero Lancer
No story for this tough guy

berserker manages to win the war but he was left dying as ilya ascends towards the grail in her dress of heaven

Caster wished for kuzuki to come back to life nand since she is pretty much drained to her last bit of mana she uses that to bring him back. Kuzuki comes back to life thinking where he was and stuff, he askes caster but shes no where to be seen.

this badass beats saber in the last round. at this point he forces saber to drink a portion of it just like gil did in fate/zero. after this saber tries not to be corrupted by the grail but she fails as she slowly turning into dark saber. Gil adds saber to his harem.

Rider - the S/M Artist :P
Rider manages to save sakura from being fully corrupted by the grail and we get all this teary rubbish as sakura watches rider disappear

Lancer gets his revenge and kills kirei for killing bazett. After this we see sitting lancer sitting on top of a building looking beaten and bloody. Satisfied he looks at the view of fuyuki city as he slowly disappears.

Assassin, having already used up casters command spells kills her for being a bitch then he walks away from the mountain gates he was forced to guard thinking about wat he should do wif the grail since he had no wish to begin wif.

Dark Saber
From out of the blues the good version of saber fights dark saber and loses. then we see saber disappearing and dark saber looking at her good self wif a sad face saying that she regrets turning evil.
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