Lancer vs. Berserker? [spoilers]

It's alright, we feel your pain. Noone wants to admit being gar for Berserker.

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Unread postby Nerroth » March 1st, 2009, 6:35 am

As an aside, I wonder how a match-up between Zero Lancer and Zero Berserker would go...

...or one which had either take the place of one of their 5th War counterparts, for that matter.
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Unread postby Shourai » March 1st, 2009, 7:25 am

I am sure HF 5 Lancer would win, hands down. He has better dash, range, everything. Yeah, Demigods always own.
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Unread postby Message » March 1st, 2009, 7:42 am

Thank you Shourai and Nerroth, for finally moving this thread into the plain powerlevel area.
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