YOUR Character sheet (poss. Spoilers)

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YOUR Character sheet (poss. Spoilers)

Unread postby sabata2 » February 12th, 2009, 7:48 pm

Soo, I was kinda wondering what everyone would imagine themselves as if they were to become a Guardian/Heroic Spirit.
There wasn't anything like this in the FanFic section so I figured it could go here.

Simply put, create a "reality" where you end up as either a HS or a Guardian, and write a character sheet based off that "history".

It should be fun, even if you make yourself teh UBARsauze, seeing as... these are going to be used for anything and are just for shits and giggles.


True Name: (Can leave blank)
Height/Weight: (can be In./Lbs. or cm/kg)

Possible Classes: (Where you'd fit in best)

Magical Energy:
Noble Phantasm: (Just the level ranking here)

Details: (The history that led you to being a Guardian/HS)

Skills: (any innate skills you'd carry over from life)

Noble Phantasm: (The name of our NP as well as how it works. Must include Prior Stated Rank, Type, Range, and Max Target[if applicable])

I'll kick off the fun

True Name:
Sex: Male
Height/Weight: 6' 2"/167 Lbs

Possible Classes: Assassin / Berserker

Strength: D
Endurance: B
Agility: A
Magical Energy: ??
Luck: C
Noble Phantasm: D

He was an informally trained Magus. He discovered magic on his own, and unconsciously.
While never knowing, every day he lived past it's discovery caused him to become less and less human. As every day, he unconsciously used magic to drive his body instead of his natural Energy. Each day he'd require more Magical Energy as each day, a different part of his body would be "lost". So every day, a new Magic Circuit was generated in his body to compensate.
Towards the end of his life, he was more Circuit than anything else.

Having never been trained in Magic, all the Energy he'd generate was wasted. On the other hand, the more Circuits he created, the more his mind was able to grasp. With Circuits integrated into his mind, he was able to use his mind to 100% of it's potential. He was actually able to fully understand the concepts of Life, Death, and Fate. Understanding it almost to the point of being able to "see" it. He understood that everything had a Death, and that everything with a Death had an intended Fate, including the Planets.

He lived his life as an ordinary human up until the time of his death. Being generally unknown, and unpopular, until the end of the world.
Knowing about the Planet's fate, he saw it rapidly approach one day. He didn't know the circumstances, but he understood that if the Planet were to meet its Fate now everything tied to the planet would come to theirs. He didn't like that.
He looked at the oncoming Fate and rejected it, with all of his being. He performed a Sorcery. He generated his own Fate, and attained status comparable to that of a Planet.
He continued to watch the Planet's fate come to a close, and he rejected that too. Instead of allowing the Planet to die, he gave up his new Fate for the Planet. He saved the planet while dooming his own existence.

Extra explanation: Having saved the world, he was granted the choice of becoming a Heroic Spirit. But because he was unknown, and not a fighter in his lifetime his strengths as compared to other Heroic Spirits is pitiful. And while he was able to understand Life, Death, and Fate, he was not able to perceive them like Shiki or SHIKI.

Minds Eye (True): A+
Innate ability to understand everything infront of him.
With this skill, if there is any chance of a comeback, it becomes 100%. However, this comeback does not mean it is a for sure victory.

Bravery: B
Ability to ignore coercion.
Has the effect of increasing damage slightly when barehanded, and increasing reaction time and focus when armed.

Noble Phantasm:
End Justifies - The Means to It All
Discards current Fate Line for someone elses.
If the caster is about to die, and he joins Fate Lines with someone who isn't about to die, he will survive.
This does not mean the someone else will die on the spot, he simply duplicates that persons Fate Line, and branches it as his own.
Acts as if it is simply an act of extreme Luck.
This is a non-offensive Noble Phantasm.
Rank: D
Type: Altering Noble Phantasm
Alter Target: Self

Fateswap - For Better or For Worse
Exchanges Fate Lines with someone else.
If the caster is about to die and he swaps Fate Lines with someone who isn't, he will survive.
This does not mean the someone else will die on the spot, however their death will be imminent.
This someone else is also random, so it is very dangerous to use.
Requires at minimum, 5 chants.
Cannot be used consecutively for a period of 3 days.
This can be an offensive Noble Phantasm, but wasn't intended as such.
Rank: B
Type: Altering Noble Phantasm
Alter Target: Self and one other

Reject It - Refusal of Everything
Destroys own Fate Line completely, and reforges one that is completely disconnected from all others.
This Fate Line is comparable to a Planets, as other Fate Lines can branch off of it.
Requires a '10 count'.
When used, it consumes all Magical Energy available.
This is a non-offensive Noble Phantasm.
Rank: EX+
Type: Altering Noble Phantasm
Alter Target: Self
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Unread postby Kid-Wolf » February 12th, 2009, 7:53 pm

Hmm... This looks like fun maybe I'll get one posted up once I get this info together for myself. Also, I'd prefer to use a name I use for one of my base character I have for myself if that is alright.
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Unread postby sabata2 » February 12th, 2009, 7:57 pm

I said CAN be left blank :P I didn't leave any other stipulations.

You could use your real name for all I care.

(In other words: that's fine)
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Unread postby sabata2 » February 17th, 2009, 7:51 pm

Well I guess THIS idea was a flop...

oh wellz...

I'll just let it die then.
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