another heroes to summon:help to create a role game[Spoiler]

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Unread postby Keeper of Gil's Vault » December 31st, 2008, 4:36 am

You can be more imaginative, objects besides humans can become servants too.
I was reading this really good April Fool's joke about Nasu's next work. In that they mentioned the Rider to be the Black Death. Since it is a plague, it was able to "ride" the wind, the water, animals, as well as humans.
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Unread postby BlackTornado » January 2nd, 2009, 11:50 am

btw paris cannot make a servant. He is portrayed by all sources as a weak and cowardly person, unlikely to be classified as a hero like his brother hector was. He did not really "defeat" Achilles. He either shot him in the heel or stabbed him in the back (depending your source) while Achilles was visiting a woman. Either way, Achilles remains forever undefeated in battle.

On another note, achilles could be a good Saber.
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Unread postby coil » January 2nd, 2009, 6:14 pm

thanks a lot, i never knew about him so i took the idea ... but achilles will be almost invencible, ill have to give some clear clues ... good idea ^_^

i dont want an specific number of heroes... 3 will be enough but i dont want to be tedious, i want some ideas AND talk about the heroes to know more about them.

thanks a lot, everyone ^_^
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Unread postby Vhailor » January 2nd, 2009, 6:59 pm

can t be agree with you about Paris. He is described like an very skilled archer and was better than Hector in athletic trials. Paris is a negativ caracter but still, he is a heros of the war of Troy. So he can be summoned.
But i would like to know "What does Nasu mean by Hero?". I mean, is it the greek interpretation or the actual acception of this word.
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Unread postby Mazyrian » January 2nd, 2009, 10:11 pm

Something I posted in Beast's Lair

Name: Noah
Class: Rider or Caster
Alignment: Lawful Good

Strength: E
Endurance: C
Agility: D
Magical Energy: A
Luck: D
Noble Phantasm: ??

Class Abilities

Riding: B
He can ride any animal, but not mythical ones.
Territory Creation: B


High Speed Divine Language: A
As an antediluvian, he has the universal language from before the confusion of Babel. This is a language from the age of gods, where words themselves had power.

Animal Husbandry: A+
He can communicate with any animal, and any animal will obey him. This also works with mythical beasts, although the most powerful of them can disobey (although even then they will be compelled not to) [This like Charisma but for animals]
This ability to speak with creatures allows him to make a very broad and hidden spy network with all animals in the city; since this is not a magical skill, no traces of it remain, so no one can know if some animal will report what it saw to Noah or to some other fellow form its species.

Magic: C
He was not a Magus, but only knew some very basic thaumaturgy. Of course, antediluvian very basic thaumaturgy is powerful by today's standards.

Noble Phantasm

The Ark - All Creatures Collection
Rank: E-A++
Type: Anti-Army
Range: -
Noah, advised by Yahweh about the incoming Deluge, and ordered by him, made an Ark and filled it with every beast and bug in existence.
He can summon any animal to battle; he doesn't have mental control over it, but gives it an order and then the creature acts. The beasts are not common ones, but the ideal models of them, so are very strong: powerful animals like bears, lions of rhinoceros have stats akin to low to medium power Servants (although no Noble Phantasm), and poisonous animals can be very dangerous, even to Servants.
The Ark not only includes common beasts: Noah collected other mythical beasts today extinct, like Unicorns, Pegasus and Dragons [since they didn't extinct with the Deluge, if it ever happened, in the Nasuverse, it seems]. He can summon them, but cannot ride them, and they can get out of control, so Noah doesn't like to use them.
He prefers to summon them by one, but can actually deploy any quantity of creatures (except mythical beast, of which he can have one deployed at any time). They are not infinite: he has one couple of every unnoble species and seven couples of the noble ones, and if one beast dies, it stays dead. They require magical energy also, which must be provided by Noah, or his Master (like having a Servant, although they consume much less energy).
He also has unlimited food in the Ark; although this is not very relevant for the war, he can feed his Master very cheap and without problem.

Name: Moses
Class: Caster
Alignment: Lawful Good

Strength: D
Endurance: D
Agility: E
Magical Energy: B
Luck: E
Noble Phantasm: B

Class Abilities

Territory Creation: C
Tool Creation: A++
He can create objects which are capable of reproducing even Noble Phantasm level effects.


Charisma: A+
Channeling Yahweh's will, he defied the Pharaoh, rallied the Israelites and guided their Exodus.
Talent to lead the people.

Magic: A
He was a powerful Magus in his time; today is capable of magic close to sorcery.

"The Crossing of the Red Sea" (Restart): A+
The ability to escape battle.
At this level, he can even ignore physical, magical or geographical obstacles to retreat.

"Manna from the Sky" (Resupply): A+
Once per day, he can materialize a special bread that when eaten automatically recovers all the health and magical energy. He can get as many of these breads as he wants per use, but a person can only get the effects of one per day [still, they don't rot, and are quite tasty, so his Master won't have food trouble during the war].

Noble Phantasm

Nehushtan - The Serpent Rod
Rank: D
Type: Anti-Personnel
Range: 1-2
Maximum Target: 1 person
Moses' weapon, a rod that can turn into a snake. It moves of it own will, so it?s difficult to block or evade, and it's poisonous.
Skills that would allow to dodge this weapon (like instinct) are reduced by one rank, and if hits, the poison keeps doing damage until the Servant keeps in spirit form for one hour or the Master gets one night of rest (depending of which one it hit).
[Actually, I think that it wasn't Moses' rod which turned into a snake, but this is cool enough to warrant being a Noble Phantasm]

The Ten Plagues of Egypt - God's Curse Upon the Oppressors
Rank: B
Type: Anti-World
Range: 1-99 [BTW, what does this mean? I took this from Enuma Elish, but in what unit is this measured?]
Maximum Target: 1000+ people
Upon the refusal of the Pharaoh to let the Israelite people leave, Moses summoned ten plagues that laid waste to the country.
Moses can choose the range of the plagues, up until the whole country; usually, though, he will choose to make them affect only the battlefield.
He must summon them in order, and to summon the next one, the current one must have finished or been cancelled. They have only one use, also; once he summons all the ten plagues, he can't summon anyone more for the rest of the war. If used in battle, the plagues usually last until the battle is over. The ones that make damage will usually kill an average Servant in about an hour; Masters would last far less.
1st Plague: The Blood - All moisture in the air turns to acid blood that sticks to the enemies and limits their movements, reducing all their attributes by one and damaging them; the amount of damage depends of target's endurance.
2nd Plague: The Frogs - The Battlefield is filled with vicious frogs that attack the enemies. They are frail but small and very abundant, so attacking them is not easy.
Evading or blocking them, however, is not difficult.
3rd Plague: The Gnats - Similar to the last one, but much more difficult to block or avoid.
4th Plague: The Flies - Also similar, but more than dealing damage they restrain the enemies, reducing their attributes by one.
5th Plague: The Pestilence - The enemies are afflicted by a pestilence that greatly debilitates them. Their attributes go down until they are not able any longer of fighting, and then die; the process lasts between one day and one week, depending of endurance. With enough endurance one can be not affected by this plague in the first place. Unlike previous plagues, this only ends by death or cancellation.
6th Plague: The Boils - Boils fill enemies' bodies. This doesn't do damage, but attributes are reduced by one. Again, endurance can resist this. If not, it lasts 5 days.
7th Plague: The Hail - Fireballs rain down from the sky, hitting only the enemies; each one is like a Rank A attack, but they are not difficult to dodge.
8th Plague: The Locusts - A swarm of locusts appears; works like The Flies.
9th Plague: The Darkness - A dark mist covers the battlefield, obstructing vision; the enemies lose all senses (not even instinct or the likes work) as while nobody attacks them.
10th Plague: Death of the Firstborns - If the enemy is a firstborn, he automatically dies. No attribute or defense can prevent this [well, Avalon could].

The Ark of the Covenant - The Sacred Container of the Law
Rank: C
Type: Anti-Personnel
Range: 2-4
Maximum Target: 30 people
The container of the Tablet with the Law. When opened, it releases a strong light that deals a fixed damage to the enemies [like Strike Air]. Once opened, the Tablets can be retired, which allows the use of the next Noble Phantasm.

The Decalogue - The Ten Commandments
Rank: B
Type: Anti-Personnel
Range: 10
Maximum Target: 10 people
These two tablets contain the law that was passed down by Yahweh to his people.
Moses activates a Reality Marble that turns the battlefield into the top of Mount Sinai, and the sky becomes stormy. While activated, the Ten Commandments are in full effect: they cannot be broken, or if broken, sinner's attributes are reduced. Each commandment has different effects. Unlike the Plagues, they also affect Moses and his Master. They are all accumulative.
1st: You shall have no other gods before me - Non Jews, Christians or Muslims get their attributes reduced by one.
2nd: You shall not make wrongful use of the name of your God - Self-explanatory [little use in battle].
3rd: Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy - If the day is Saturday, the battle ends and the presents can attack no one until the next day (they can defend themselves if attacked).
4th: Honor your father and mother - If somebody has killed one of their parents, their attributes are reduced by one.
5th: You shall not murder - Murderers get their attributes reduced by one. Lethal force can be used only in battle (surprise attack or attacking after somebody has surrendered is impossible)
6th: You shall not commit adultery - Everyone who has slept with a married woman not his wife gets their attributes reduced by one.
7th: You shall not steal - Thieves get their attributes reduced by one. Nobody can take anything that belongs to another person.
8th: You shall not lie - Liars [that is, somebody famous for telling lies] get their attributes reduced by one. Nobody can lie; if somebody would tell a lie, he instead tells the truth (not saying anything is possible).
9th: You shall not covet your neighbor's wife
10th: You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor - These last two don't really have much effect.
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Unread postby Xamdou » January 6th, 2009, 10:01 am

This Servant shall bring fear to everyone
"You sit proudly in this cave , like a Queen of Egypt.
In my service to you , I shall never know rest.
To prove my devotion , I have stolen this ostentatious offering.
But I'll show you things your dark blue eye haven't seen , smiles like a lake in the sun , blossoming like a lotus."
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Unread postby spathi » January 6th, 2009, 11:33 am

Xamdou wrote:This Servant shall bring fear to everyone

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