Questions after playing too many times (MANY SPOILERS)

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Unread postby Kansho » August 14th, 2008, 9:57 pm

Shirou notices at the end that "I'm like Kotomine Kirei". They're exactly the same kind of person, what changes is the reason, as Shirou got one (Justice, Sakura or whatever) and Kotomine didn't found any. That's why at the end Shirou wins.

I would not say say that Shirou was lucky either, as until he made the "borrowed justice" his own or choosed to fight for his own desire, he was "cursed" to follow the same path as Archer. Well, Kiritsugu follow the justice path and fell into despair aswell (as at the end he noticed too late that he only wanted to be with his wife and his daughter) so maybe the whole "ideal is cursed, but not wrong".
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Unread postby Inverted » August 15th, 2008, 9:08 am

Shirou would have been luckiest if his parents had lived.

Kiritsugu and Archer/Shirou were cursed.But certainly much much better than Kotomine and his voidness "LOLOL I want to blow stuff for entertainment as I don't know how to live" . No matter how cursed and selfdestructive and stupid ,whatever they had was much more admirable than Kotomine.And hence Shirou , may not be lucky in a general sense,but certainly is luckier that Kiritsugu found him not Kotomine.Some of Kiritsugu's qualities did rub of on him for, better or worse, and they are certainly better than Kotomine's .

Even though I say this I can actually identify with Kotomine.
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