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?Kaladbolg? and ?Aius?

Posted: July 21st, 2008, 5:05 pm
by Ephyon
These two seem too constant to be regular typos, so I was interested in knowing the reasoning behind choosing these spellings. Sorry if it?s been asked before, I didn?t see it.

The first one just leaves me scratching my head. Ulster Cycle material tends to have several spellings (?C? Chulainn? has like seven or so acceptable ones) and Caladbolg does have a few of its own, but if there?s ONE thing that?s always constant is that they all start with a ?C?.

Second, ?Rho Aius? is supposed to be the shield of Ajax/Aias the Great from the Trojan war, thus owning the name to the hero. It's tricky since the shield isn't named in popular mythology, but the only way to get ?Aius? I can think of is the phonetic spelling.