Regrets in playing Fate/Stay Night [SPOILERS]

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Unread postby Kansho » September 1st, 2008, 2:13 pm

Raitei wrote:
I can't understand you (worst character is a perfect character? wtf?)... nor I can see why being a fanboy is bad... :roll:
What I meant was that a character without "flaws" it's a horrible character. And a fanboy tend to see "his character" as a "perfect one, pure and without flaws". And going to the level of being a "anal fanboy" (I'm not calling nobody here that, of course. It's a example.) aka: my character is god, my character is the only important one, I didn't care about the other characters....

All of that = no good.

Don't give it more relevance, please.

Raitei wrote:I've been wondering about this...
are there 2 sabers in ataraxia, just like in heaven's feel backnight I?
No, that's only in Heaven's Feel Backnight I. When Saber's ahoge it's pulled, she turn into Black Saber (Saber Alter, Dark Saber or... whatever).
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Unread postby inferno_flamex » December 5th, 2008, 2:05 am

This topic is now granted FULL SPOILERZ...

No need to put /spoiler on your text anymore coz this topic is meant for those who have already finished the game...
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