Original 'Noble Phantasms'... LOL XD

It's alright, we feel your pain. Noone wants to admit being gar for Berserker.

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Unread post by HeartCard » October 31st, 2008, 8:11 pm

Okay so you cleared up saber's mana issue in that she'll get it elsewhere.
One problem: What will you eat?
We know the sabers will eat everything they want.
But what will be left for you to eat?

"Unlimited Nasu notWorks - Infinite Creation of WTFISDISSHIT"
Anti-Forum Noble Phantasm
Rank A.
With merely the stroke of a single pen, the wielder can bring down his opponent with deadly self-inflicted /facepalms until they die from smashing their nose into their brain.
The effects double when the full power of the noble phantasm is released. Transporting the opponent into the reality marble whereby the facepalms happen at a hundred times more per minute, "Unlimited SexScene Works".

"Crimson Cleave, the Later Agony"
Anti-Personal Noble Phantasm
Rank D.
One of the few noble phantasm forged after the age of magic. It takes up the form of a small shaving razor, red in color with a white blade. Originally thought to be an ordinary razor, many women have found that it is infact a noble phantasm of devastating effect. Acting in two stages.
Anytime the Razor touches something with a stroke(no matter the speed), it will cleave all skin from that area. If there is no skin present, it will cleave off half an inch of whatever it touches.
Though the cut itself may be painful, the curse implied by the item is more devastating. Should the target sweat, be near intense heat, or should there be strong wind, the target will flail around aimlessly from the burning and agonizing pain from the wounds.

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