R?alta Nua voices help?

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R?alta Nua voices help?

Unread post by Sh1k1 » March 21st, 2008, 10:07 pm

Hullo there. Been a while since I last was around here. Here's my situation, nice, short and simple:

I got a friend who got the game installed with the R?alta Nua voices. Since I liked them so much, I wanted to borrow the game, but he had to leave town for a few weeks. In my despair, I resorted to finding the converted voice files (patch5.xp3 and patch6.xp3) on the almighty intertubes, and was successful in doing so. However, now, I don't know how do I associate them with the game. I could try bruteforcing, but I prefer asking for a bit of help before taking that course of action.

Help, anyone?

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