Kagetsu Tohya?

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Kagetsu Tohya?

Unread postby ktroy » September 23rd, 2007, 10:43 am

is there an english patch for this? i tried looking around the site but couldnt find it i might be blind can someone link it for me?
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Unread postby -[J1N]- » September 23rd, 2007, 11:00 am

Erm i think you should've named this thread something else other than the same as an existing thread >.>.

I believe there is a patch done, but it was not done by mirror moon. Could someone that knows more fill us in?
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Unread postby Sobzob » September 23rd, 2007, 5:54 pm

Some people on Beast's Lair translated it;
http://nrvnqsr.proboards20.com/index.cg ... 1188110120
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Unread postby Xavier » September 23rd, 2007, 6:05 pm

Apparently, you didn't look hard enough.

Lock this.
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Unread postby puKKa » September 23rd, 2007, 7:26 pm

Xavier: stop trying to act like a mod when you're not. That comment comes into the cathegory of spam, please refer from doing it anymore. Thank you.
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Unread postby TheXev » September 24th, 2007, 3:33 am

I fully agree with puKKa.

This isn't Beastslair, so please don't act like it is, Xavier. Unlike Beastslair, I'd like to try and make people feel welcome on this forum.
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