A lot Question about Tsukihime

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A lot Question about Tsukihime

Unread post by okmol » September 7th, 2007, 7:41 am

I played the game,watch the anime and read the manga, but when did Shiki 's friend satsuki become a vampire? Is it after Nero suck her blood or is it after the Roa make her become a vampire?

I don't understand why roa got two form?

In the game kohaku is the bad guy who plot the :twisted: plan then in the anime and the manga is it also linked that kohaku is the real mastermind?

Who is Len? Len did not appear in Tsukihime.

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Unread post by Sobzob » September 7th, 2007, 7:55 am

Roa sucked Satsuki's blood and she became a vampire.

Roa is different because in Arc's and Ciel's route Shiki can't resist Roa, so he's more Roa than Shiki. And in Far moon routes Shiki is resisting Roa and thus looking more like Shiki than Roa.

In the anime they're going after Arc's route, so no. Kohaku has nothing to do with it, and I suppose the manga is pretty much the same. I've only read 2 volumes but since they're going after Arc's route there too I'd say no.

And Len is the dream succubus that Arc gives to Shiki as a reward. She appears in Kagetsu Tohya, the sequel of Tsukihime.

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