quick question *possible spoilers*

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quick question *possible spoilers*

Unread postby D3STRUCTOR » July 15th, 2007, 12:20 pm

Why didn't Shiki get headaches while in the hospital before he got the glasses. Is there some side-effect to the glasses which causes him pain after using something that has been repressed for so long. would he still have gotten debilitating migranes without the glasses, or is it just that his eyes gradually got stronger over time even without use and that is why it causes pain.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Unread postby Eriol-kun » July 15th, 2007, 1:49 pm

It's been some time since I last clicked on the lonely Tsukihime link, but I'll try to work on memory, so it might not be exact.

By the way, maybe you should modify the title with a spoiler warning.

I believe it is mentioned in the game that the headaches are analogous to a machine revving to its limits and beyond. In other words, Shiki's headaches are caused by him trying hard to see the lines (and points) of death, because his brain wasn't geared for such a high task, and is over-limits.

When he was little, his eyes were recently obtained (it wasn't but until after the accident that he got the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception) and he wasn't purposefully using them, or was he trying to see dots. Maybe they weren't as developed, too. (I think that it is said that the more he uses his eyes the stronger they become, but the effects on his brain may be permanent or fatal.) So in a way it was lucky he met Aoko early after the accident.
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Unread postby D3STRUCTOR » July 15th, 2007, 2:25 pm

didn't think i was really spoiling anything but if so my appologies and thanks for the reply.
i am also willing to debate that the headaches only happen when trying willingly to see the lines.
I recall that in the mornings he feels the headache before he puts the glasses on. I recall them using that analogy in the game and was under the understanding that the headaches did get worse when trying to see the death of things but he got them whenever he took his glasses off.

i agree that it may have, infact, been because that his eyes were undeveloped when he was young which brings to mind when and did they suddenly develop, without use, to the point that he can't take off the glases with experiencing pain.
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Unread postby galvenize » August 31st, 2007, 11:01 am

I didn't want to create a topic for my question so ...

I may have forgotten something but ...

In the Akiha , Hisui/Kohaku arcs , SHIKI isn't Roa right? , nor is Shiki , so ... who is Roa ? Did he dissapeare ? So even if Arcueid or Ciel isn't a protagonist , they are still there to fight him ... so...
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Unread postby Sobzob » August 31st, 2007, 11:26 am

He is Roa, it's just that he was more SHIKI than Roa in their routes. If I recall it right, they said something like that in a Teach me Ciel-sensei. They also mentioned that that's the reason why he doesn't look like Roa did in Arc's and Ciel's routes. So, more like. SHIKI is resisting Roa(?)
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Unread postby Blue Gunner » September 1st, 2007, 11:45 am

Akiha/Hisui/Kohaku routes represent the possibility that SHIKI resists the influence of Roa. Arc/Ciel routes show the possibility that he can't, IIRC.
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Unread postby JimmyT64 » October 25th, 2007, 9:22 am

I think it's explained in a rather odd way - in the far-side routes, SHIKI is much more....insane, and, because its difficult to control chaos (No, not Nrvnsqr, though I believe it mentions hes got a relatively short lifespan for a similar reason...), Roa can't control insane-SHIKI.

If you notice, when he's young, Shiki can't see the points - the first time he sees the points is when he kills Arcueid. It doesn't mention the points much in the Far-side routes, at least that I remember. So, yes, the more he doesn't wear his glasses (including in the morning), the stronger his eyes become, and the more headachy he gets.
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