Tsukihime on a XBOX

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Tsukihime on a XBOX

Unread postby Kranmer » May 23rd, 2007, 10:54 pm

a friend of mine has actually managed to get tsukihime working on his XBOX console (original xbox). This kinda suprised me (for many reasons like for 1 what was the point) but when i thought about it, it might be fun to be able to play with a XBOX joypad on my TV instead of my PC with a mouse. So anyway now onto the how.
NOTE: the following is legal as far as i am aware)
NOTE2: this method also makes it so you will NOT require a keyboard or mouse this can be done with a XBOX joypad alone)

First get a XBOX that can run linux then install XDSL linux onto that XBOX's Hard Drive. Then get the latest WINE binary (which ever repository you get it from). Next copy your tsukihime files from windows across to your XBOX using the linux FTP server (use the IP address DSL gives you with username and password as DSL) to your "home\dsl" directory then run "ATERMINAL" from your linux desktop and type "wine tsukihime.exe" using the "VIRTUAL KEYBOARD" and then wait and watch as tsukihime runs on your XBOX console.

This is a rough guide on basicly how its done. if anyone is interested i can help them but i doubt many (if any) people will be interested in this.
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