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Re: Tsukihime on PSP

Unread postPosted: March 4th, 2010, 6:50 am
by Nintendo Maniac 64
I find the amount of interest in Tsukihime on specifically PSP somewhat baffling when it'll work on the DS and Wii as well...

Is it because the PSP can run homebrew just from soft-modding (like the Wii) but is also portable (like the DS)?

Re: Tsukihime on PSP

Unread postPosted: March 29th, 2010, 4:23 am
by sabata2
Largest portable screen. Still fairly small text though. It doesn't lose any feel of the game like the DS version does.

The only cons are the massive lag when songs loop or a page changes and being unable to save after completing a route. Don't even think about touching your PSP if you manage to change the page ON a song change. Takes 5 freaking minutes to continue.

On topic of the second con, did we ever figure out what the problem was with that?
A poor ONScripting or something we can't overcome?

Re: Tsukihime on PSP

Unread postPosted: April 22nd, 2010, 4:03 pm
by chrish4161
Like you all I have also lots of problems regarding Tsukihime loading on my PSP. But I discover the problem. It is problem of Menu images. Those images are so big that PSP can not even show them. If those image can't create problem then game font create problem. Chines font can't run on english version. So my game was hanged in between. These kind of problem i have faced with that game. But now I got full working version of the game. And running smoothly and easily.

Re: Tsukihime on PSP

Unread postPosted: June 20th, 2010, 8:53 am
by lionheart_3071
hey i hear that some people were having some problems after the first play through where the main menu is stuck there and u cant do anything

well you could use the complete save file to fix the prob but if u want to keep your own data that is u want to collect everything yourself you can edit the 0.txt file

from what i can tell the reason that the menu is stuck is because this section

if %clear_ark_true>=1 && %clear_ark_good>=1 && %clear_ciel_true>=1 && %clear_ciel_good>=1 && %clear_akiha_true>=1 && %clear_akiha_good>=1 && %clear_kohaku_true>=1 && %clear_hisui_true>=1 && %clear_hisui_good>=1 goto *title2

from what i can tell it shouldn't be "&&" but another operator for OR but im not sure. i did a quick fix by just deleting everything except the route that i just finished eg. u completed ciel true route u delete everything beside that one

if %clear_ciel_true>=1 goto *title2

so it should look something like this the main menu no longer freezes