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Unread post by realistknight » December 15th, 2006, 10:34 am

What is this game about? Is it like the anime
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Unread post by puKKa » December 15th, 2006, 1:00 pm

Please read the readme file, you would have found an answear in like, 5 seconds.

Press the f-key for fullscreen. You can not change to/from fullscreen during a script.

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Unread post by Question » December 16th, 2006, 3:20 pm

I thought it was the o key?

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Unread post by puKKa » December 16th, 2006, 4:16 pm

Code: Select all

5. Playing the game

    Tsukihime English makes use of the ONScripter engine. Due
    to its cross-platform design, the menubar at the top of the
    window as found in the Japanese version of Tsukihime, will
    not be available in the English version. Many of the
    options and settings can still be accessed by using the
    keyboard. Here follows a list of keyboard shortcuts and
    their functions:

     Key  | Function
      0   | Switch between slow, normal and fast text speed
      1   | Set text speed to slow
      2   | Set text speed to normal
      3   | Set text speed to fast
    h/left| Move the cursor up one option
    l/rght| Move the cursor down one option
    k/up  | Go back one page (log mode)
    j/down| Go forward one page (log mode)
      f   | switch between window mode and fullscreen mode
      o   | Display each page of text instantly
      s   | Fast-forward through the game until the key is
          |   pressed again
     CTRL | Fast-forward through the game until the key is
          |   released, also skipping all transitions

    You can advance the game text by pressing Enter, Space,
    Keypad Enter or the left mousebutton. Pressing Escape or
    the right mousebutton will display the ingame menu. From
    here you can save and load games, access extra ingame
    features or quit to the main menu.
    There are five main routes in Tsukihime, being the Arcueid,
    Ciel, Akiha, Hisui and Kohaku routes. To play a certain
    route, simply focus specifically on that character.
    TYPE-MOON recommends playing the game in the above order,
    which is probably the best in most cases. Note that it is
    not recommended to play Kohaku's route before Akiha's. For
    people who have seen the Shingetsutan Tsukihime anime it
    is also not a good idea to save the Arcueid route for
    last, as the anime will have spoiled a lot of the story
    and there will be very little new material left to read
    after the other storylines.
    A walkthrough is supplied in the Tsukihime English
    installer, but it is NOT RECOMMENDED to use it. The game
    will provide you with sufficient hints and tips to complete
    each route without much trouble. The game is, in fact,
    quite easy. Just make sure to save regularly, and if you
    don't want to read through old scenes again enable the
    'skip parts previously read' setting in the options menu.

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Unread post by rhosangjin » April 18th, 2007, 4:25 pm

If some people have problems playing it in full screen on a laptop screen or a widescreen, like I did, your solution is to configure your graphics settings. Because the images are stretched in widescreens or laptop screens, you have to right-click your desktop, go to your graphics settings and choose "Maintain ratio aspect" or "center desktop". Maintaining your ration aspect will stretch your Tsukihime screen as large as possible on your screen w/o changing the screen ratio, whereas the "center desktop" will just center the game screen in the middle, while keeping it in the window size and make the rest of your screen (like a thick border) black.

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