Is Tsukihime Over?

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Is Tsukihime Over?

Unread post by Speender » February 1st, 2011, 11:53 pm

Then, the title explain what i want to know,

Will Nasu do a continuation of Tsukihime? (Tsukihime 2, Tsukihime: The Dark Six, as you prefer).

Remake of Tsukihime Visual Novel? bullshit :S


Now that i was thinking about it

The remake isn't bullshit

Typemoon at the same time that they'll make their visual novel better, They want to see if it will make success. A marketing play, if it work as They wish, maybe They will continue the Tsukihime

Or i can just be wrong, and they are all a bunch of mercenaries that just want money <_<

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