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French version of Tsukihime [in progress]

Posted: April 13th, 2010, 6:07 am
by Kurogasa
Hello everyone!

I'm a fan of Tsukihime since I saw the anime (which is a tiny scrap of real history). At the time I tried lots of information on Tsukihime, Melty Blood games etc. ... wallpaper. Then I ended up dropping ... not finding anything concrete about the real history.

I followed the English translation of Tsukihime, and when the patch came out I of course downloaded to patch my version of the game (official way, yes as a fan I bought the game).

But there you are ... this is all text, so when you do not understand even one word out of 10 we lose a little sense of history, intricacies.

All this to get to the point that I just get into the Tsukihime translation from the English patch. I can not read Japanese ^ ^. But it's better than nothing.

I already translated in French throughout the introduction and the prologue and all possible choices of the game

I'd like to have your formal agreement to use your English patch in order to develop a French version of Tsukihime.

Thank you very much