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Tsukihime on iPhone

Unread post by absb87 » June 19th, 2009, 7:43 pm

For the purpose of getting Tsukihime (English) to work on the iPhone, as I tried with Fate/stay night here, I attempted to convert Narcissu (English) in order to see whether the ONscripter binary for iPhone, with English support, (found below) was working correctly:

Main site
The ONscripter binary with English support can be downloaded from the bottommost link
The Japanese only ONscripter binaries can be found here

Unfortunately, I was unable to get the binary to work at all :( There was no problem with the setup of all the files, as it worked perfectly on my laptop (with an onscripter-en.exe), and when I substituted the English supported binary with a strictly Japanese one it worked perfectly - though the obvious issue with 1-byte text cropped up as expected, i.e. nospacingbetweenthetext.

When I attempted to do the same with the English version of Tsukihime I came up against the same issue, where using the English binary wouldn't work at all, and the Japanese binary refused to work with the English script from Mirrormoon - though a Japanese one sufficed, loading the English versions images correctly (the whole arc.nsa, after resizing and converting, was aroung 11mb!). Below are some pictures I took playing around with the Japanese version of Tsukihime, which incidentally appears to work perfectly - saves, galleries, ending lists and all.

Title screen
First choice
Satsuki Yumizuka
Arihiko Inui
Akiha Tohno
Arcueid Brunestud

In conclusion, I believe either I messed up somewhere - something entirely possible, galling though it may be - or the supposedly English-supported binary was compiled incorrectly. It is worth noting however, that the English script of Tsukihime didn't work with the Japanese binary at all, whereas the English script of Narcissu did - for both the 0.txt and nscript.dat formats.

For the moment, I'm going to see how the new 3.0 firmware is going to effect the software, and hope that some new updates will be more compatible with the visual novel. Please feel free to have a go with these programs yourselves (translate and follow the guide below using google or something) and if anyone has better luck than me I'd like to here about it. (n_n)b

月姫 - iphone wiki
fateをiPhoneで - iphone wiki

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