Sacchin route theories/discussion 'spoilers?'

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Sacchin route theories/discussion 'spoilers?'

Unread post by Knicknevin » December 7th, 2008, 5:21 am

So (durrr) with a Satsuki route pretty much confirmed in the upcoming remake, the pressing question becomes 'What's gonna happen in it?' And since making wild guesses is fun...

I'm not making any spoiler tags in thread since this is being posted from my phone and I'm lazy.

Obvious questions (near or far etc) aside, I'm going to post some more specific thoughts:

1. Sacchin may become possessed by Roa. He is her parent vampire after all, and after rereading the explanation of vampirism Arc gives in game, I doubt he made her a vampire by accident. She may have been a fallback plan, before he met Shiki, or just a preperation for the future.

2. Arc and Ciel are not likely take Shiki siding with a Dead Apostle very kindly. Not at all. The final confrontation may be against one or both of them, instead of Roa. (Does not have to match with my Roa theory.)

3. Likely to be very dark, as Shiki will likely have some serious moral issues with protecting Satsuki even as she kills people (HF anyone?)

4. Possible True End- Sacchin is losing to Roa/vampiric impulses/both. At some sort of critical moment, Shiki removes his glasses, and kills off the concept of her vampirism (and perhaps Roa in the process) but the strain pretty much fries his brain and he ends up a vegetable. Akiha True type ending ensues.

5. Normal End- Similar to above, but before Shiki takes the plunge, Satsuki uses her Reality Marble, and simply destroys Roa (maybe draining away the mana that he needs to reincarnate. Or something, depends on how Depletion Garden actually works.). She vanishes afterward, Shiki is led to believe she is dead. She actually escaped, not intending to show herself to Shiki until she masters her vampiric urges. The Melty Blood ending.

Well that's all I can think of and my battery is giving me a nasty stare. Post your own thoughts/critiques regarding what you'd like to see in a few months.

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Unread post by xthr » December 7th, 2008, 5:29 am

I thought that in the game, sacchin was more of an accident. SHIKI could have very well just sucked her blood, but because of her unnatural magic potential, she became a vampire instead of dying/turning into the dead/ghoul/w.e. Since Roa has to pick his reincarnation designation beforehand, I don't think he'll possess her. Maybe Roa will be killed by Arc/Ciel quickly, and Sacchin becomes more of a problem?

Altho I guess Roa possession would make for a dramatic story, and Nasu might do it.

Anyways, what ever the route entails... MAKE IT PLZ

Where's my Sacchin route? :<

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Unread post by Knicknevin » December 7th, 2008, 7:23 am

Well, that is a good point. But from Roa's perspective, regardless of his reasons for sucking Satsuki's blood (now that I think about it, SHIKI had a connection with Shiki and could sense him/perhaps even see through his eyes. He might have killed her thinking to torment Shiki some) if he ran into her again and saw how rapidly she had progressed, he'd probably think he'd just won the lottery.

I mean, look at it this way- Roa tricked Arc into drinking his blood because he wanted to steal her power, but also because he wanted to skip the long, unpleasant months, years or even decades it would take to become a full fledged vampire. The power he stole from her might have sped that process up as well. By being vampirized by the stongest True Ancestor, he skipped alot of the vampirism process. Satsuki did it pretty much overnight, without any such factors. If you go by just that standard of measurement, she's probably not just as powerful as his original body, but even stonger. If Roa could jump over, maybe by using whatever lingering connection remains between a parent vampire and its offspring, or any other method he can come up with, he'd probably do it in a heartbeat. He had just learned from Ciel, after all, that his priorities in picking hosts was a bit off.

Even if he can't make the jump I'd bet he'll be thinking "Well damn, I missed the boat."

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Unread post by Undream » December 10th, 2008, 10:55 pm

xthr wrote:
Where's my Sacchin route? :<
Suposedly on the Tsukihime Remake That Has Been Announced But Will Take Eternities Just To Be Glimpsed...

Oh, and Roa also made Arc suck his blood because he loved her in such a way that he wanted her to pursue him, even if it was for all the wrong reasons =p :o :shock:
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Unread post by Knicknevin » December 21st, 2008, 5:56 pm

Found this on 4chan. Was on /jp/, similar themed thread.
In Akiha's route, Shiki sees Arc in town after it gets dark and starts to follow her. Then he catches sight of Satsuki, changes targets and the rest is history. If he hadn't noticed her though, he would have followed Arc around until he found a chance to kill her. It was still early in the evening, so he may have had a chance to see her lines, or he might have followed her until morning. Either way, after he kills her, he'd probably be in the same state as before, so Sacchin might find him and drag him home or something (when she sees him that night she isnt ready to try drinking his blood yet). The timing of the next days events are thrown off- Arc is probably still recovering so Chaos might not find her at the same time he did in the other routes.

Beyond that is pretty vague. Shiki and Arc might end up killing off Roa very early on, and if Arc is the one to do it Shiki could get Roa in him. Without high affection values with Arc or Ciel, he'd probably end up being hunted by them eventually. With Roa's mind growing in strength inside him, he might be able to understand Satsuki a bit more, and if he's becoming a vampire anyway, she wouldnt need to suck his blood. Where Chaos fits in all this is anyone's guess, but it'd be amusing if he wound up helping Shiki since he was friends with Roa.
Nrvnqsr helping out a Roa possessed Shiki would be pretty funny. And Shiki getting along with Sacchin because he's possessed by Roa/being chased by Arc and Ciel does make more sense than my idea I think.

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Unread post by Jedah » December 24th, 2008, 10:06 pm

I'm going to guess based on the assumption that the Sacchin Arcade routes from melty blood have something to do with what Nasu wanted the Sacchin route to be, meaning:

melty blood spoilers:
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Basically, I expect her route to tie Melty Blood to Tsukihime.

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